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Jun 3, 2013 08:13 AM

Dorcas of Bay Head

Hello All,
I just found the new Cafe hot spot in Bay Head. Was in town over weekend and saw that they have re-opened from Sandy. New owners and they have made the place beautiful. They serve breakfast and lunch for now and from what they said will open their ice cream shop soon.
I had the Eggs Benidict, that were cooked PERFECT! The white was set up and the yolk was nice and runny, Hollindaise was nice and smooth. not normally a potato guy, but they were delicous, just the right amount of pepper and onions. My Buddy had the Pancakes, had to have at least one. it was nice and fluffy.
I'm going back again this weekend for lunch. I saw they had a Lobster Roll on Menu, so I will be all over that.

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