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Jun 3, 2013 07:40 AM

Recommended wineries in Central Rome.

i will spend a long weekend in Rome ( staying near Trevi fountain) and would appreciate recommendations for good wine tasting and drinking.

Surely the Capital has some intersting choices worth scouting out....


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  1. wineries or wine bars ? it is not clear.

    1. I think you are looking for recommendations of "enotecas." (Italian for wine bars)

      To the best of my knowledge, no wineries have tasting rooms in Rome offering samples of their wines.

      Trimani is a well know wine shop that operates a wine bar next door.

      Cavour 313 is also a well-established wine bar.

      Here is a blog discussing wine bars in Rome:

      1. There are no wineries in central Rome. There are enotecas where you can have wine on your own and there are also a couple wine tasting options, just google wine tasting or search here on these boards.

        1. In the center there are many enoteche where you can drink and/or eat. Here are a few:

          Casa Bleve: near Piazza Navona. A great place to stop by for lunch, they have an extensive cellar.

          Angolo Divino: near Campo di Fiori. Massimo, the owner, is well known for his list of natural and biodynamic wines.

          Barrique: in Monti. Interesting wine list, especially his bubblies.

          Beppe e i Suoi Formaggi: Ghetto. Not an extensive list, but interesting wines from Piedmonte, paired with the best cheese in town.

          Vinoroma organizes formal wine tastings, if you want something like that?

          Italy Hotline organizes a few different wine walks in Rome:

          Hope this helps!

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            Hi Elizabeth,

            Is Casa Bleve under new ownership? I was there in April and didn't recognize anyone. Our food was good, although I miss the old cold case, wines were good, too. When I went down to the cellars, the racks were far from full. Something has changed.

            1. re: steve h.

              Things have now changed, but for the better. Tina and Anacleto are back, running the place. The lunchtime buffet is now back.