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Singapore - Eating Options at the on-going World Street Food Congress

The current World Street Food Congress (31 May - 9 June) at the F1 Paddock, Marina Bay, offers some very interesting street food stalls from around the world.

One of my faves was Sabina Bandera of La Guerrerense from Baja, Mexico - it voted one of the top 101 street food stalls in the world by Newsweek, and recommended by Anthony Bourdain.

La Guerrerense's legendary seafood tostada, topped with crab salad, octopus ceviche, fresh coriander, Spanish onions, tomato, and avocado, with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Everything tasted so clean and fresh here! Must-not-miss!!

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  1. Indonesia's Kerak Telor was an interesting option: glutinous rice and condiments being cooked in a cast-iron saucepan, forming the base for the Kerak Telor frittata. Eggs are then beaten into the glutinous rice mixture using a rattan spatula, then cooked till set.

    The cooked glutinous rice-egg omelette mixture sticks to the base of the pan, allowing the cook to invert the pan so the naked flames can barbecue the frittata. The finished product is topped with "serondeng" of toasted coconut-dried shrimps-spices, and crisp, golden-fried shallots.

    1. Next, the People's Pig food-truck by Cliff Allen from Portland, Oregon, offered the porchetta sandwich - crispy pork belly with crackling skin, fennel pollen, arugula, roasted garlic, chopped red peppers and a squeeze of lemon, all in a ciabatta.

      1. Another good option was Nam Bo from Saigon, Vietnam - glutinous rice and fresh grated coconut are wrapped around fresh bananas, then slowly barbecued over charcoal flames. Finished product was topped with coconut creme and toasted sesame seeds.

        1. One of my faves - the famous 40-year-old "Hoy Tord" (oyster omelette) stall from Hoy Tord Chao Lay in Thonglor, Bangkok.

          Khun Niphone Ittimonchai dishes up his legendary crisp, fragrant egg omelette filled with plump oysters to order - best ever!

          1. Trey Corkern's Swamp Shack served Southern-style snacks, including some very tasty shrimps with grits.

            1. Zoomed into pic of the tostada for a closer look. Almost brought tears to my eyes. What a thing of beauty!

              Found myself trying to justify the cost of a HK<->SG flight just to try it.

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                LOL! Surely not - fly all the way just for a taste of the tostada? :-D

                But it *is* the best thing I'd tasted for a loooong time. In fact, I felt like going to Mexico after that meal:



              2. I'd have liked to go there but the weather's just too hot these days!

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                  Martha - it opens till 10pm each evening, so you can go there when the weather's cooled down a bit. Oh, come on - some of those legendary street food vendors came half way round the world, and they are now right at our door-step - you MUST go and try La Guerrerense's seafood tostada, at the very least!!