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Jun 3, 2013 06:53 AM

Food Pranks

I just saw a video of a woman pranking her daughter in law who had bought the Thanksgiving turkey. When the MIL stuffed the turkey, she included a cornish game hen then asked the DIL to carve the turkey after it was cooked, instructing her to make sure she removed all of the stuffing. The DIL found the game hen and freaked out and the MIL convinced her that she had bought a pregnant turkey.

So it made me wonder, have any of you Chowhounds ever pulled a food prank?

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  1. This one never gets old - pull an Oreo apart and scrape out the icing. CAREFULLY replace the icing with toothpaste. Of course you have to use white regular toothpaste. Then stick the cookies back together, await your victim's response. My kids used to drink koolaid (OK, this was WAY back in the day) and we made it in a translucent pitcher. On April Fools day, I would make jello in the pitcher, then watch them try to pour it out. OK so not diabolical, but nobody gets hurt, either.

    1. Prankee, not the prankster. Chili Mac where the chili came from the pet food aisle. I did spit it out. Many did not. I'm sure that was directly related to the amount of alcohol consumed prior to the eating.

      My palate may be heightened. I consider canned tuna catfood. No matter which aisle it comes from.

      1. Not exactly a prank... more a pay-back. Was in college living in a big old house with 15 other girls. Had relatively decent kitchen on each floor that was shared. One pair of room-mates decided that "someone" was drink milk from their gallon jug in fridge. They decided to put a mark with permanent marker on a gallon with maybe 2 cups gone... almlost full. I added just enough WATER so the level ended up ABOVE the original line.

        1. This did not start out as a prank ............... a photo shoot/cooking demo.............. I'd made and plated a very large Greek salad; clearly explained that it was NOT to be eaten; the feta was substituted with crumbled Ivory soap since it holds up better under the hot lights. I left to go to the loo and returned to find indignant thieves who'd ignored my instructions and dove into the lucious-looking salad. It still makes me smile these many years later.

          1. The one I recall best involves sushi. Have a few nigiri but load one up with wasabi. The green might show through, but the unsuspecting fellow might as well expect each nigiri to have at least a bit of wasabi.

            I'd say not being able to converse/read another language is a food prank in itself. During my first days living in Indonesia and China, I was probably served a complete animal- great for storytelling, but for dignity, not so much.