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Jun 3, 2013 05:43 AM

Jean-Luc Tartarin: Two stars in La Havre

We went there on May 31, 2013 for lunch.

It was terrific! The ambience is top; the food is divine. Many extra yummies. Mrs. Tartarin is gracious and lovely.

Saveurs de Mai (Tastes of May)

Asperges vertes et blanches, crues et cuites, Parmesan
jaune d’œuf de Bresse mariné au soja, feuille d’argent
(Marvelous: cooked and raw green and white aspargus, Parmesan, egg yolk, real silver flake)

Dans un bouillon concentré de homard au Tio Pépé...
Lieu jaune et Huitre étuvés
Condiment d’oignons rouges et radis gris
(In a lobster bouillion laced with Tio Pepe, pollack and an oyster,
with red onions and diced gray radishes)

Faux Filet saignant de Salers mariné au poivre Cubébé
Une Béarnaise revue, purée de pommes de terre au beurre Bordier
(Sirloin steak with a special Cubebe pepper, a Bernaise and fabulous buttery mashed potatoes!)

Fromages frais et affinés de F. Olivier.
(Avec Supplément 11€)
(a great selection of cheeses; try the oldest Comte.)

Sur l’idée d’une Panna Cotta…
Crème Battue à la Vanille,
Fraises, sorbet Fruits de la Passion
(Panna Cotta with strawberries and a passion fruit sorbet)

Tarif : 53 €

Plus there were 4 little tiddly-bits to eat with the aperitif; 5 amuses bouches (including a foam of foie gras and sauerkraut!!, a fabulous aspargus soup and a brandade de morue (mashed potatoes and code))

You must have the coffee and copious migardises (little chocolate and cake bits.)

Carrie Estill

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  1. Thanks Carrie:
    We'll be over there in a couple of weeks.
    What was the %3E for? 1, 2 meals, liquids?

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    1. re: John Talbott

      It was 53 Euros for the menu; 14 for a drink beforehand. Coffee and treats were another 7; the wine we chose was 30 Euros. It came to 192 Euros for two for lunch.

      1. re: caestill

        " It came to 192 Euros for two for lunch."
        Whoa, thanks for the data but I think not for my 5. A local French friend who's lived nearby for 60 years has "some interesting ideas." I'll report.

          1. re: caestill

            Where it always is that I cannot refer you to given the rules of CH.

    2. Haven't been to Le Havre, but Tartarin was always a truly exciting chef.

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      1. re: souphie

        He comes from a very renowned restaurant family.