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Jun 2, 2013 10:11 PM

Metamorfosi Reservations

I'd like to go to Metamorfosi when I'm in Rome in a couple of weeks, and was looking at their website but can't find a spot to make a reservation over the internet. Is it best to call or email them for a reservation? If I do call, will they have someone that speaks English to take the reservation? Thanks!

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  1. The answer to this question is the same for all Italian restaurants all the time. If they have an e-mail address, e-mail. If you don't receive an answer in what you consider a reasonable amount of time, telephone, preferably shortly before mealtime, i.e., when the staff is there but they haven't yet become busy with customers. If the person who answers doesn't speak English, someone else will. In any case, keep the request laconic and speak clearly.


      click on one of the email links and send your request

      you could try this resource also - but I have no experience with it to say whether it works - this sort if impersonal method reallyhasnt taken hold in Italy

      1. I reserved by email last September, all went well

        I wrote in English and also included an Italian google translation!

        1. FYI, I found out recently that Metamorfosi will be closing July 18 until early/mid September 2015 for renovations. I was planning on going there during my Rome visit this summer.