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Jun 2, 2013 10:09 PM

One Day in New Orleans

Hi Everybody - Going to be in New Orleans for one day noon to midnight and we want to eat/drink our way through the quarter. Can you tell me where the best gumbo can be had? Best shrimp po boy? Best music? Best desert? We don't want to go to just one place but kind of eat and walk, drink and walk.

I appreciate any advice, knowing that these questions have been answered. I have read through the posts but I cannot distill it down enough.
Thank you for your help!

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  1. Here is what I might do:

    Start with the 3 course $20 lunch special at August.

    Johnny's makes a decent Fried Shrimp Po-boy. Killer Po-boys in the back of the bar Erin Rose makes some great offbeat versions.

    For a cool treat, checkout Meltdown, for funky Popsicles. I like the salted caramel.

    If oysters are still good, I would head to Luke's for 50 cent oysters & half price cocktails at happy hour.

    I would then head to Preservation Hall for the 8PM show. You could also see who is playing at One Eyed Jack's.

    There is also a new spot called Little Gem Saloon.
    They serve dinner downstairs with some type of local band playing, then upstairs the have a music club with a cover charge. I went here a few times during Jazzfest. Didn't eat here, but heard good things. As far as a music venue it is real nice upstairs. Plush room with good sound and sight lines. Nice balcony where you can hang out overlooking FQ.

    Hope this helps!

    PS- At some point during the day I would head to Cochon Butcher to grab some sandwiches and other goodies for the flight home.

    1. Johnny’s Po’boy is definitely an option for a shrimp po’boy, but not so easy to walk around and eat them – but maybe I am just a messy eater. However, there is a wonderful dessert shop next door called The Sweet Palate. Here you can grab sme of the most delicious gelato in the quarter and they have homemade waffle cones – perfect for the go. And they are both just down the street from the Napoleon House, a historical landmark where you can get a “Pimms Cup” drink to go.
      If you’d like to end your night with a formal dinner, Oceana Grill will not disappoint. A block away is also hotel Monteleon. They have The Carousel Bar, which would be a great place to grab drink and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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        I would avoid Oceana like the plague. It earned a season finale on "Kitchen Nightmares:"

        Best music: Head to Frenchmen Street, just across Esplanade from the Quarter. Hop from place to place, enjoy the music in the clubs, through the windows and on the street. Get small plates and craft cocktails at Three Muses.

        Inside the French Quarter, enjoy good music in cushy surroundings at Irvin Mayfield's Jazz Playhouse.

        For great gumbo, go the bar at Restaurant R'evolution (like Irvin Mayfield's, this is inside the Royal Sonesta Hotel). Order "Death By Gumbo" (also a good venue for desserts). Alternatively, visit Mr. B's for Gumbo YaYa ( ).

        For your Po'Boys step just outside the FQ and ride the Canal St. Streetcar to experience Parkway Bakery (


        Go to Cochon Butcher and buy muffalettas and sausage to take and enjoy back home ( ). Also get some pralines to bring home at Southern Candymakers in the FQ: ( )

      2. Yummy! Thanks for your input and advice! Let me throw out another question?? Who makes the best darn shrimp or oyster po boy in the quarter? And does anyone make a grilled shrimp po boy? I know sacrilege but I got to ask!

        I am not sure that we want to eat a large meal but rather eat over the course of the 12 hours

        And oysters are out of season - anyplace farm raising them in cool conditions?

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          Louisiana oysters are available year round as are Texas oysters. Certain areas of the coast are closed in Louisiana, and in Texas, public areas are closed but private leases are open. I only eat cooked oysters in the summer, and don't know about farm raised, but I had pasteurized half shells at Deanie's Metairie and they were disgusting. Had I known they were treated I never would have ordered them. They were from Florida and this was in March, pre-Katrina.

        2. Farm raised oysters in New Orleans = sacrilege!!!! There are a few non-fried shrimp po-boys, but they'll be covered in remoulade sauce. Try Remoulade on bourbon - i don't remember if they do a Shrimp Arnaud po-boy or not.

          I second the recomendation to ride the street car to Parkway - you'll get a little air conditioned ride and view of another part of the city. Also, check out the Gumbo Shop (St. Peter) the gumbo is solid and they have a couple of varieties everyday.

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          1. re: belleNOLA

            From one point of view all oysters are farm raised. The "farmers" work a fixed plot, seed the beds and harvest when grown. But unlike real farming, they have no control over the growing medium, which is water.

          2. the best grilled shrimp poboy in the city is at Guys PoBoys on magazine.

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            1. re: joedontexan

              Agreed. Everything Marvin (the owner/cook) makes is great and the grilled shrimp is probably best of all. Unfortunately, Guy's is a pretty long distance from the French Quarter, though, given their time constraints.