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Jun 2, 2013 08:43 PM


Hounds, I recently visited Maui and had some awesome poke from a market called foodland! So many different types and wondering if there is somewhere in LA for different varieties of poki. I know sm seafood has one but looking for more options! Thanks

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  1. Bristol Farms carries a few different kinds at a time. Self serve in the seafood section

    1. wienermobile's rec is the most widely accessible. The ahi poke at Bristol Farms is fine - comes in regular and spicy. The regular does have a little chile in it - the spicy has quite a bit.

      I haven't tried Poke-Poke on Ocean Front Walk in Venice, but some have told me that they are good.

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        Yeah Bristol farms is good. I saw the poke in Venice will have to check it out. It can be in Orange County as well if you think of anything else!

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          My experience has been that most places offering Hawaiian cuisine will have poke, but usually it's ahi and/or lomi lomi salmon. Aside from the long-gone Aloha Market in Mar Vista, I've never seen anything like the ma & pa markets and places that sell nothing but varieties of poke in Hawaii.

      2. do not recommend the poke at fish king, glendale. texture is way off.

        1. I don't recommend Whole Foods. Too much sesame oil.
          I haven't tried it at Marukai Market, but their sushi is very good so I'd give that a try.
          I agree with Bristol Farms.

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            Funny! I work at whole foods and was going to try it once I arrive back home

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              Well, poke is subjective like everything else, but at WFM in Redondo, its always been heavy with sesame oil and lacks that fresh taste that makes poke so good.

          2. If you're ever in Orange County, the poke at Bear Flag is memorable for the freshness, texture and flavor.