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Jun 2, 2013 08:28 PM

Sarah the Cheese Lady - Carved for Attention

Sarah received a degree in Commercial Art in Madison, WI and worked for the Wisconsin dairy industry for 16 years. That’s where her natural-born “Cheddar Head” talents were honed and perfected. As Creative Director for the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board she worked on national advertising and public relations promotions for the Wisconsin dairy industry. There, her interest in cheese carving was encouraged and her first sculptures were used in trade and consumer promotions. Sarah also helped develop a cheese carving training program.

Some of “The Cheese Lady’s” notable sculptures include:
A Six-Foot Long Aircraft Carrier for the USS Regan
A 120-Pound Mickey Mouse
A 300-Pound Gorilla
A Six-Foot-Long Cheddar Gator for the University of Florida
Several Television Personalities (Including Jay Leno, Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Al Roker and Ann Curry, and Marc Sommers
)Sports Stars (Al Michaels and Jon Madden, Cincinnati Red’s Hall of Fam-er Joe Nuxhall)

Guinness World Record Holder ta boot!

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  1. Definately needs to work on her perspective. Wonder if she does a trial first in clay?

    I could read all the articles, but I am stealing time from work.

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    1. Wow, never would have thought of cheese as an art medium. I wonder how she keeps the cheese fresh while carving, considering it takes her hours. Very interesting...thanks for sharing!

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      1. re: jlhinwa

        I wondered what does Sarah do with all the cheese scraps she cuts away from the block while carving? But, it turns out that most of her work is done live at a festival or some sort and during the demonstration in a cold box with a 160 lb block Cabot cheddar the scraps are handed out to the viewing audience to eat! That's a lot of cheese!

      2. I don't think I have ever heard
        Of 6-foot gators made of curd.
        But better than a cheesy viewing,
        My Cheddar is reserved for chewing!

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        1. re: DonShirer

          Aw, that's so clever of you, DS.