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Jun 2, 2013 07:19 PM

Summer squash in slow cooker?

I am planning to use slow cooker to make a chicken, white bean and squash chili. Had made a version in the fall with butternut squash and it was fantastic, but I'm not sure if the summer squash is going to get too mushy being cooked (even on low) for such a long time. I typically use firmer root veggies when I use a slow cooker so am curious if anyone has success or tips. TIA!

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  1. I cook summer squash often, and also use a slow cooker. It has never occurred to me to put the squash in the slow cooker. It takes only a few minutes to cook on the stovetop — I am pretty sure it would be ruined in the slow cooker.

    I suppose you could add it at the end.

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      hmm yeah, it does cook fast. simmered for a bit in a sauce pan with plenty of butter and onion? sure, but a crock pot? uhh it probably would just break down to a goo. a yummy goo, but no texture. may as well sub in nopales or okra.

      better done as a side. or grill it.

    2. Summer squash will break down very quickly, and will become mushy in the slow cooker, unless added at the end of cooking.

      1. Thanks everyone for your help and confirming my concerns!

        1. Summer squash is very soft and has lots of liquid, doubt it'll survive.