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Jun 2, 2013 05:39 PM

Quick Trip From Charleston: Where to eat and stay?

My wife and I are making quick 2-3 night trip from Charleston, SC but I don't have any idea what part of town we should stay in or what restaurants should be at the top of our list. Please help!

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  1. stay on or near the historic district - Husk is wonderful, Magnolia, SNOB. There are so many wonderful restaurants in Charleston. A cool coffee shop is Black Tap Coffee. Walk through the campus of the College of Charleston.

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      I think he's looking for recommendations in Austin.

      I would recommend staying somewhere downtown. There are plenty of entertainment and restaurant options within walking distance, and what little public transit we have runs through downtown.

      Great restaurants downtown: Congress, Swift's Attic, Parkside. There are plenty others within a short bus ride.

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        Thank you jwynne2000! You are right, I live in Charleston so looking for tips in Austin. Thank you for the reply, very helpful.

    2. Jveats help us help you. What's your budget range for lodging and food and style preferences and will you have transportation and will this be weekend / weekday?

      To get this started, Hotel San Jose is a favorite rec for my out of town, non-house guests. They uniformly love being smack dab in the middle of the South Congress scene, not far from the evening bat flights and proximal to downtown. Short walk up to Guero's (good depending on the dish), South Congress Cafe (maybe best bloody mary in town if you get the infused vodka spiced up version) and only place you can get carrot cake french toast. Decent other up the street places from that hotel are home slice pizza (fried eggplant is great) and Enoteca Vespaio (caesar salad and parmasan fries) and pizzas for lunch, and a must is to find the most expensive boots of your lifetime in Allen's boot shop. There are plenty of other shops to kill an afternoon around there too. short cab / drive to Barton Springs if you're into natural spring pools in the downtown of cities. best city pool in the country - go see why. If you want our elder statesman hotel, hit up the Driskill. Sit on the horsehair furniture upstairs in the friendly bar and find your hidden texan. If you want a scenic garden and 5 million count sheets and a spa, go to the Four Seasons - top shelf all the way. eat lunch outside under a fan around 11:00 a.m. and you'll be pleased with the iced tea ice cubes made of iced tea. pampered "they thought of everything" service all around follows in the iced tea vein.