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Jun 2, 2013 05:31 PM

Pan-roasted lobster

Specifically, Jasper White's pan-roasted lobster with chervil and chives.

It appears to be a signature dish and the picture in his book, Lobster at Home, looks mighty good.

Has anyone tried this dish at home? If so, please share all the excruciating details.


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  1. Not at home, but I've had it several times at Summer Shack.
    It is without a doubt worth the decrease in lifespan that eating it undoubtedly entails. I have never looked at the recipe because I don't want to know how much butter it contains. Would have liked to pick up and lick the shell to get all that sinful sauce. Sadly, the bread at SS is uninspired, not much better than Wonder Bread. The last time I went there with a friend who also planned to order the PRL, I smuggled in some good bread with which we swabbed the shells and plate. Fortunately the place is hectic and the atmosphere casual, so we did not draw attention to ourselves.

    SS has a summer version and winter version of the sauce. I prefer the winter one.

    1. I haven't tried that particular recipe, but I have cooked a number of recipes from that book and find that his instructions are invariably spot on. I doubt that there are any excruciating details. From my experience, if you follow his instructions as written you'll be rewarded with a stellar dish. And now that I've looked up the recipe, I want to make it as soon as possible. Please report back on your experience.

      1. It was your mention of this dish that prompted me to try it for the 4th of July. Since you contributed at one point to the ongoing “Lobster at Home” thread, I assume you have seen that both qianning and nomadchowwoman have made this recipe with great success. I, unfortunately, had a different experience. If you want excruciating detail, here it is: