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Fresh is best, but when is granulated garlic better?

Off the top of my head, BBQ rubs.

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  1. I kinda like it on garlic bread better, especially if I am doing quick broiler method, sometimes fresh garlic burns, or doesn't cook enough.

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    1. Anywhere you want to avoid scorching:.

      And dehydrated onion is under-rated; it's never bitter, and very useful in any preparation where you need it hydrated but otherwise uncooked.

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        Dehydrated diced onion is perfect for soup, when you want the onion taste to be less pronounced.

      2. I actually like fresh garlic for garlic bread.

        I find garlic powder to be very useful as a dry rub ingredients for meats.

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            Opps, I didn't get to read your post more carefully. You have already mentioned that.

            Ok, garlic powder is also nice for quick soup ingredients.

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              In corporate dining the cook would use granulated in the daily soup. Not noticeable in creamy soups, but I thought it made the stock based soups murky looking. It may be the difference in large, batch cooking where it requires larger quantities, vs. family-sized home servings.

        1. i think garlic powder- i don't care for garlic salt for a while bunch of reasons- could be useful when you grill, for instance. Minced garlic burns on the grill and the granulated does not.

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            I use finely minced garlic (essentially a paste) in my marinades so it's not the same issue. I concur that chopped, or minced is prone to burning.

          2. Definitely in breadings/ coatings. I use both fresh and granulated in adobo for a fuller flavor since they taste differently.

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            1. re: weezieduzzit

              Yes, like when you're doing fried chicken! Similarly useful in batters too. It shows how long it's been since I've done fried anything. :)

            2. I like fresh garlic best but if you want something without the texture that might be the place for it.

              1. anytime you're in a rush with a soup or sauce and no time for a long-simmer is an acceptable excuse.

                making homemade BBQ sauce on the fly with little time I'll use it (I never get sufficient warning to do it right)

                as noted rubs and breadings.

                I also rub roasts with it. I may stuff a bird's cavity with more cloves or insert slivers in pork or beef, but for that outer crust it really helps (along with other dry herbs).

                garlic bread: yeah cleo's right, otherwise ya have to either roast the cloves or mince and saute in the butter but those are a lot of steps for a 2nd thought side/late night snack.

                  1. I add a little granulated onion and garlic to my chili seasoning. Though I use fresh in the recipe, I find the granulated adds another level of flavor.

                    1. Scallops

                      Granulated garlic, some lemon zest and good dry (or diver) scallops and I'm a happy camper.

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                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        You had me at scallops. :) Definitely within my top 10 favorite foods.

                      2. My old chip dip recipe is better with granulated or dried minced garlic and onion. Fresh is too wet and harsh tasting. Its base is half cream cheese and half sour cream.

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                        1. re: kitchengardengal

                          Yep, it's not so much "in yer face". Although garlic mashed to a paste with salt would work too. Can't recall the correct culinary term for it. Anyone?

                          1. re: letsindulge

                            Although garlic mashed to a paste with salt would work too. Can't recall the correct culinary term for it. Anyone?


                          2. re: kitchengardengal

                            I have never seen anyone else do chip dip this way until you...it's deceptably good.

                            I like to put a tiny piece of sweet onion through my garlic press to flavor mine. Add kosher salt and it's good.

                            1. re: sandylc

                              It's Vidalia time here in Georgia. I think I'll do a retro dip appetizer for our biweekly dinner with friends, and use the onion as you suggested.

                          3. Fresh garlic burns, granulated doesn't. I use granulated garlic in almost all rubs, marinades, etc. Also great for garlic bread.

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                            1. re: primebeefisgood

                              Yep, you're in concensus with previous poster.

                            2. On the summit of Kilimanjaro.

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                              1. re: Veggo

                                LOL! Although it's light, and small enough to stow in your backpack!

                              2. I love the True Food Kitchen kale salad recipe, but I can never get my garlic chopped fine enough.

                                Made it last night with granulated garlic - Fabulous!

                                And I do love granulated garlic for my balsamic salad dressing - it's easy, never bitter and seems to add both a sweet and earthy level of flavor.

                                It's also great in a pre-broiling rub for steaks.

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                                1. re: happybaker

                                  happybaker - yes a situation that calls for easy dissolving. dissolution?

                                  1. re: hill food


                                    And per the Gods of the internet, either of your phrasing would be fine - easy dissolving or, dissolution.

                                    I just know that it works well and fast : )

                                  2. re: happybaker

                                    Hmmm...I've not been successful in having it dissolve completely for me. It always seems to settle in a sludge-like manner the few times I've attempted it in a vinaigrette. Maybe a powder would be better? Have you tried doing the salt rub thingy on your cutting board? <wish I could recall the proper culinary terminology>. :P

                                    1. re: letsindulge

                                      gotta shake shake shake. shake shake shake. shake your granules, shake your granules.

                                      (sorry I was just at a cheesy wedding reception yesterday)

                                      a fine powder would work better.

                                      1. re: hill food

                                        I far prefer granulated. It shakes just fine, and doesn't clump. Very pure flavor for me. Love it!

                                        1. re: primebeefisgood

                                          Yup, the granulated shakes just fine. No matter what the musical era is! : )

                                      2. re: letsindulge

                                        Ok, so tonight I made a vinaigrette (EVOO, red wine vinegar, oregano, and granulated garlic) to dress a Greek-style salad with leftover grilled lamb . It imparted a garlicky flavor, but did not dissolve.

                                    2. It's a totally different flavor- apples and oranges. Some places I would use granulated:
                                      -when seasoning a plain roasted chicken
                                      -in meatballs or on hamburgers( though rarely, there's other interesting seasonings to use here
                                      -adding seasoning to egg base before fried fish
                                      -in some kind of processed or more eastern european tasting dish- for example, chicken with mushrooms or stuffed cabbage or a tuna casserole.

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                                      1. re: fara

                                        I guess I employ the salt rub to a paste mode quite frequently.

                                      2. The only thing I use it for is blue cheese dressing. The CI recipe is very good and uses it. I tried to improve it with fresh garlic and it really wasn't better.

                                        1. In cold or uncooked dishes. Potato/macaroni salads, hummus, sour cream or cheese dips, etc.

                                          Sometimes fresh garlic has too much of a bite...

                                          1. I use garlic powder instead of grated parmesan on pizza. Adds great flavor without the calories.

                                            1. I've made a spice mix with powdered garlic for well over 35 years (got the recipe in Glamour magazine, of all places). I wouldn't call it a spice rub as I sprinkle it on salad too. Has both powdered garlic and onion, paprika, dry mustard and a few other things...I forget. I've literally made pounds of this mix.

                                              I also sprinkle powdered garlic on chicken (spritz with lemon juice, then plain garlic, other garlic blends and dried tarragon), eat with cranberry sauce. Salmon gets sprinkled with lemon juice, garlic and dry dill weed, then eat with a lemon/dill/mustard sauce. Both very simple and healthy.

                                              1. Perfect for making fresh sausage. It blends much faster than fresh garlic mashed with coarse salt.

                                                1. In total I have approx. 8 cups! Should get busy making dry rubs for BBQ!

                                                  1. In a rub, yes.

                                                    But as someone else mentioned, it is a completely different animal from fresh garlic; almost as though they aren't even related.

                                                    I disagree about using it on garlic BREAD; however, granulated garlic is better than fresh on garlic TOAST.

                                                    On a side note, those wanting to reduce the bite of raw, fresh garlic only need to peel a few cloves and boil them for a few minutes. Makes it lovely and mellow.

                                                    1. i like using granulated garlic in rubs and in hmburgers

                                                      1. I typically use granulated on top of my pizza crusts for a nice extra flavor without the chunks. I add a table spoon in my corn tortilla dough recipe for a bit of extra flavor. Also add to panko or breadcrumbs (along with other spices) when doing breading on meats or veg for a bit of extra flavor.

                                                        Always use fresh in my soups or sauces though. And I agree with a previous poster dehydrated onions are underrated as well. Sometimes moisture or texture can be an issue if you use onions or garlic fresh.