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Jun 2, 2013 03:51 PM

Honeymoon in Provence

Hi! My soon-to-be-wife and me are planning our honeymoon in Provence during the first two weeks of july. Being both big enthusiasts of good food, we want to carefully choose where to eat, so I'm asking for some advice. Our itinerary is as follows: Marseille - Les-Baux-de-Provence - Lourmarin - Porquerolles - Cassis

We are staying a minimum of two nights in each place, and I would very much appreciate if you could recommend restaurants in those places, or nearby. We would like charming and romantic places where we can eat traditional french and provençal food, and our budget ranges in the 30-40 euros per person/per meal, although we wouldn't mind making a few exceptions and spending more if it's well worth it.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! (I'm guessing that your budget indication is exclusive of wine.) Here are a few recommendations:
    Marseille - le Café des Epices (45€ menu)
    Chez Etienne (for great provençal pizza)
    Les Baux area: le Bistrot du Paradou in le Paradou (51€ for no-choice appetizer & main, cheese platter, choice of desserts, house wine, coffee)
    le Mas du Capoun in Mollégès (35€ menu)
    Lourmarin area: l'Arôme in Bonnieux (à la carte plus set menus at 31€ & 43€)
    I have no recent experience/finds in Cassis or Porquerolles but you might find something by doing a search here on CH.

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      Thank you very much! Everything has been well noted!

    2. Les-Baux-de-Provence - Lourmarin
      They are sufficiently close together that you do not need to make them separate bases, unless you loooove to pack/unpack checkin/checkout. Id'd stay in LOurmarin. Les Baux is a museum-village and not a areal village-village.
      Ditto Cassis-Marseille, a 30-minute drive. Cassis would be a nicer base.
      There have been great threads on recent travels and honeymoons in Provence. I live in France and find their recommendations very useful. Did you not like any of the recommendations ?

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        To be honest with you, I'm new to the site and haven't yet taken the time to do a thorough search in the forum.
        I know those places are nearby, but we wanted to try different hotels also, and we have booked in what seem to be rather nice places both in Les-Baux and Lourmarin.
        As soon as I can I will do some research and see some of the past recommendations. Thanks!

      2. Many congratulations! I posted a report on our recent anniversary trip to Marseille, but of all the places we ate, I would say La Passarelle was outstanding, partly because it's seasonal food which we like, but it was also delicious and very romantic (it was after all our anniversary). They have their own garden which I guess would be supplying at least some of the veg used in the restaurant by July.

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        1. I would stay in Les Baux but I'd stay @ La Riboto de Taven. Beautiful hotel, lovely restaurant for their clients only and lovely people.