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Jun 2, 2013 02:31 PM

Question about Gran Caffe Orientale in Parma

Hi all,

We are spending one night near Parma in Casalmaggiore. We only have one afternoon and evening to see the city so I was thinking of going into the downtown area for sightseeing and to have an early-ish dinner (we are travelling with our 2 school age children).

Gran Caffe Orientale looked neat but mostly people seem to recommend it for drinks only. Do they also offer antipasti and the like to order with drinks? We did not want to go for a late multi-course dinner as we must get up early the next day (have a proscuitti and parmigiano tour followed by a tour in Motor valley).

Grateful for an alternative suggestion for a light dinner (on the early side - like 7 pm) in downtown Parma.

Thank you.

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  1. I seem to recall seeing antipasti there when we stopped for drinks. We also had a great light dinner of salad and pizza at Orfeo, a pizzeria ristorante on Via Carducci. We walked to Orfeo from Caffe Orientale.

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      thank you! i am sure the kids will not say no to pizza for dinner. :)

      1. re: jacolis

        Just remind them that "pepperoni" is red peppers, not sausage, on the pizza! :-)