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Jun 2, 2013 02:24 PM

la petite maison

We've been before and every time we go we wonder why we hadnt been back sooner.Real country French food and service--feel like your in Lyon,France--- There were 4 of us, started out with salad Verdi, and our friends had the shrimp,scallop and hearts of palm salad--Both were outstsanding. Even breads with an olive spread was terrififc.Then we had rack of lamb, veal, chicken fricase and a steak filet-My lamb was just right and very tender and juicy,,wifes chicken was excellent, with a terrifific mushroom sauce on it. Other meals were excellent as well. Dessert was perfitores, which were outstanding.And cappuchno was excellent--bill for 4 of us was 212--not bad

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