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Jun 2, 2013 01:11 PM

Help - Radisson Cambie

I have a week in said hotel. I will need some wine, bread, olives, cheese and pate etc for evening snacks. Anywhere nearby that carries this kind of stuff? Also any local brew pubs nearby? TIA

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  1. This local Richmond blog (coming to an end in just a few days) is a treasure trove of all things food & restaurant-related in Richmond:

    (I put in "deli" as search term):


    Good luck.

    1. There is an Asian market called T&T right in the same complex. You may find the staples you mention. Your selection widens immensely if you include Asian snacks. The closest western grocery store is the Superstore just a bit south on No 3 Rd.

      For wine, there is a somewhat overpriced liquor store at Lansdowne Mall one train stop away. Local brewpubs - hmm can't think of any off hand. Take a train into town (Vancouver) and you will find options.

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      1. re: fmed

        The Richmond pubs that Lindsay visited:

        There's a good Irish brewpub 1.4km south of Radisson, on Westminster Hwy, west of #3 Road:

        Ceili's Irish Pub
        7331 Westminster Hwy

        1. re: LotusRapper

          Is it actually a "brewpub"? I don't recall that they brewed their own beer.

          The only brewpub that I know about in Richmond is this one
          which is waaaay out in the sticks.

          1. re: fmed

            Guess not.

            If the OP comes back to this thread, Vancouver Craft Beer Week is wrapping up in Richmond this Friday & Saturday @ River Rock Casino:


      2. For your wine, there is a "signature" BC Liquor Store, a 15 minute (< 1 mile) walk due south of your hotel. at Ackroyd Road & No. 3 Road. (or take the train south one stop to Lansdowne).
        At the same corner, you will find a PriceSmart Foods supermarket, with a deli and some steam-table hot foods, as well as a reasonable selection of western and Asian groceries. Not what I would call top notch, but palatable.

        1. An option for beer, if you have some time, is HogShack in Steveston Village. You can travel by transit; train to Brighouse station, then bus 401 No. 1 Road to the historic fishing fillage. HogShack has a selection of craft beers on tap, and in bottles, and serves our version of southern bbq.The Italian market, and the specialty food/butcher shops in the same neighbourhood will carry the snacks from your list.

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          1. re: KarenDW

            My $0.25 - The Hog Shack was a huge disappointment, and they may have been better when first opened but the quality has not sustained. And service is quite non-chalant.

          2. Thanks all I am watching the thread. I will be hitting RR for the brew fest for sure