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Jun 2, 2013 11:53 AM

Return of Masterchef Australia

I'm not a huge fan of the boys vs the girls thing - but of the Masterchef options, this does remain my favorite.

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  1. I love the AU and UK versions. They said two weeks for B vs G and then I think it falls back into regular format.

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      Right - I hope that translates to two weeks worth of episodes as well. Masterchef has always had team challenges, and there has often been various dynamics of antagonism between the two teams - but the "competitive spirit" dynamic in this episode just isn't what I like about the show.

      Men vs. women/battle of the sexes is just a pretty lazy way to frame the competition. Not to mention, Nicky's bizarre approach to the challenge by just delegating and not cooking anything. I think in a mixed gender context it would have looked even more odd. Not just to his team, but also hopefully to him.

    2. Maybe season 4's amazing camaraderie amongst the contestants spoiled me, but this season I'm just not feeling it with these new contestants. They seem to be more about themselves than supporting each other or the art they are trying to master. That said, I've only seen two episodes (the first and the one where they butcher lamb).

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      1. re: chokolaj

        I'm up to current and have to agree with you. Now that the boy and girl thing is over I am hoping it will get better. No one is popping out to me as a favorite of mine yet but sometimes it takes getting through the catering and large group challenges for people to start shinning through....fingers crossed

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          I agree too. I think because people have been on the same teams for two weeks (had the teams been co-ed, I think the same lack of camaraderie would have emerged), and the ways the challenges have been structured has created this less friendly dynamic.

          Even though it's not always shown - from what's hinted at, is that while working together on a team challenge will build people's relationships - it's also the cooking/practicing in the Masterchef house. And while I'm sure there are some "cross team" connections - by knowing that you're on the same team for 2 weeks, it's more likely for the teams to stick together. However, if you never know who's team you're going to be on next, in the off hours, you're more likely to bond with the contestants you have the most in common.

          Ultimately - I'm very ready for boys vs girls to be done.

        2. I don't know. It's still not engaging me as much as previous series have. I suspect, for me, it's the mix of personalities - but having said that, there are a few people I like.

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          1. re: ursy_ten

            I wonder if they brought on a new editting/production team with the move.

            If you hear the Masterchef US contestants talk in interveiws about one another later - there really is a lot of camaraderie. Not that you'd ever know it from watching the episodes. And part of that is just editting what to show, but I also think part of that is how challenges are designed.

            I don't remember many team challenges last season where captains got to pick (it was more a case of pick an apron), especially in the beginning. Also - the fact that winning immunity last season often relied on having two friends help you out would definitely encourage making friends.

            Also, Debra from last season didn't exactly seem to me like someone I'd want to work with. She'd get really flustered a lot, highly emotional, shut down etc. In the production of the show, I don't remember (m)any nasty, snide, disparaging comments about her. Now, maybe last season's cast was composed of the 24 most lovely people ever. Or maybe when asking contestants questions in the confessionals no one asked a question that would encourage a meaner answer. Or maybe there were loads of horrible things said about everyone but none were put into the show.

            In the most long winded way ever - what I'm trying to say is, that right now I'm blaming the show's editting and design of the challenges more than the contestants.