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Jun 2, 2013 11:43 AM

Italian bakery

Is there one in LA like Stella's in North Beach SF or the various ones there or in the North End in Boston? Was recently up north and we are craving some of the cannollis, cookies and other items that I don't see in the other pastry shops. We are in WeHo area. Thank you.

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  1. Try Eagle Rock Italian Bakery or Claro's in San Gabriel

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      1. I am very, very fond of Susina's miniature classic Italian cookies.

        You can have your selections packed in a small Susina box with a ribbon as a lovely gift for many occasions. And you can select from many varieties.

        Photos here:

        1. Yep. I'm backing Eagle Rock Italian too. Real Italians behind the counter serving up REAL goodness.

          1. Eagle Rock Bakery first then Claro's.

            1. Recently went to Carrara Pastries in Moorpark, they also have on in Agoura Hills. Everything I got was good