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Jun 2, 2013 10:19 AM

A great dinner near TERME DI CARACALLA ?

When in Rome in July my family is excited to see a ballet production at the ruins of TERME DI CARACALLA. Any recommendations for a great spot for dinner within a short walk. Thinking more along the lines of a restaurant or upscale trattoria. The Ballet starts at 9 and we don't want to rush. Dinner after the ballet wouldn't work of us. Thanks for any help you all can offer.

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  1. Very near there is Ristorante Al Callarello. It's not a place I go to often, usually when I need a restaurant in that area (which you do!). Very simple neighborhood place.

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    1. I am not at all sure Al Callarello will do for you. It's true it's sort of near the Baths, but it may not open until 8. Reservations are a must. You would have to ask them if you can eat at 7.30 sharp and then you should order conservatively, letting them know you're in a hurry and preferably all ordering the same shape of pasta, and preferably the same dish. I haven't been in years, but I remember it was always slow and crowded. You would need to allow a good 15 minutes to walk to the Baths (slightly less if you have already scoped out the route) and some more to find your seats, etc. The whole area is pretty bleak for restaurants, though there are a few on Viale Aventino and one or two on Viale di Porta Ardeatina. The ideal would be Orazio on Via di Porta Latina, which is attractive with a garden and very near the Baths, but I think it has gone way downhill. Haven't been in at least 20 years.

      Also, what do you mean by short walk? It's not a pedestrian-friendly area. We eat at home (Colosseum) and walk there, about 20 minutes I'd guess, since there is no place at all, much less that we like, between us and the Baths. I would be inclined to eat at Nerone or Caffè Propaganda, both near the Colosseum, or someplace in Testaccio, or Eataly, then take a short taxi ride to Caracalla. Eataly has the advantage of many spots where you can eat as early as you like and get in and out quickly. I'm told the pizza is very good.

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        Thanks - very helpful. So it sounds like dinner than a short cab ride might be the way to go. Could I eat at Checchino at 7 and get to the theater for a 9pm performance without feeling too rushed?
        Again , thanks. Excited about our trip - how can I not be!!!

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          Checchino opens at 8, so no. It is very difficult to dine before a 9 pm performance. Nerone would probably let you go at 7, Felice, in Testaccio, I think opens at 7.30. Another idea is the tavola calda of the Volpetti shop (Volpetti Più). It's very short on atmosphere, but the food is good and you'd have no timing problems. Most restaurants and trattorias don't open until 8.