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Frans Chicken Haven- Boca Raton, FL- Is it still open?

Is Frans Chicken Haven in Boca Raton, FL still open and kosher? No one seems to be answering the phone, and it says mailbox is full, but at least the number is not disconnected. Anyone know if they are still in operation??


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  1. A quick Google search reveals their phone (if open) as

    Phone: (561) 395-0781

    Let us know your findings since I will be in Boca for July.

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      Fran's is back open with the original recipes. Awesome fried chicken and mushrooms just like the old days. We went to the convenience store next door and bought some beer since they don't serve it there. Best fried chicken ever.

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        In other words, NOT kosher. Which means as far as this board is concerned it's closed.

    2. My mom lives there and as far as she knows it is still open.

      1. Website seems to be down. :(

        Never got to try the place.


        1. I got an email today from the ORB. the place was sold and is no longer kosher.

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          1. re: David_BocaFL

            So I guess they are still open but closed to us :(

            Bummer since I am going to Boca on the 20th.

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              there at least 7 other restaurants in Boca. I am sure you'll be able to find another place to eat.

          2. Went there last Wed, made special trip from Miami & Northeast, was told after bought the food, they were going treif the next day, if the group waited longer, would have missed it.

            1. I'm sitting right in front of it. Lights are off, door is locked, but no sign is up. It was like this earlier this week. Sad. I grew up in Boca and Fran's was an institution! It will be missed.

              1. Fran's Chicken is NOT CLOSED permanently. I wandered in today and the new owners were working hard for tomorrow's reopening. The plan is to restore the original menu, although that may take a while. The original owner's son was also there.

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                  I assume it is NOT going to be kosher when it does re-open then.

                2. YES we're back come give us a try ,Same recipe Joe and Fran used back in the day ,you won't be disapointed.Were even stapling plates if you remember back that far

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                    This is the kosher board. If you're not kosher any more then we can't give you a try...

                  2. I wish the Boca and Florida posters on this list would give us their take on a wider range of restaurants. Support the restaurants, take out places you love by helping travelers who love good food to find them.

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                      I ate at mozart grill in sunny isles last night. Food was great as was service. Same prices you would find at jerusalem steak house in bklyn.

                    2. Asia in Boca Raton's website says "Formerly Fran's Chicken" and offers fried chicken for takeout only: