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Jun 2, 2013 08:53 AM

Amaya or Quinlon in London?

Need help choosing between these two restos for a Sunday night dinner for two. Is one better than the other? What are the major differences? It's just two of us, so a place that requires lots of sharing and small dishes probably isn't ideal as there is only so much we can order.

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  1. it depends on what cuisine you want.

    the physical distance between new delhi (amaya) and cochin (quilon) is almost 1300 miles - to put that in context, the physical distance between rome and paris is under 700 miles.

    in culinary terms, i'd say that keralan food (quilon) is much further apart from punjabi food (amaya) then roman cuisine is from parisian.

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    1. re: howler

      Amaya has a better atmosphere, Quilon perhaps better food (if you listen to people on this board).

      I love Amaya and used to go there a lot, but haven't been in probably 2 years so can't speak for current quality.

      1. re: brokentelephone

        Is one dressier than the other? Can a woman get away with funky jeans and a blazer at either or is the dress more formal?

        1. re: jrabbit2727

          I'd only been to Quilon, you'll be perfectly fine with jeans/blazer there.