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Jun 2, 2013 08:25 AM

If price, availability and calories were not a factor.... what food could you eat for every meal for the next 30 days and not get sick of it.

Obviously price, availability and time and calories and real life etc., play into our food choices. If all of that didn't exist. You could come home and said food would be there for you, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 30 days. But you were confined to just eating that food, what would you pick?

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  1. Cheeseburgers if there weren't any health implications in this fantasy world. In addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner are snacks allowed?

    1. Sushi. I've done it while traveling for work. Sushi for lunch and dinner everyday.

          1. Bacon and egg(runny yolk) sandwich with old recipe HP sauce and a cup of tea.

            1. Don't know if I could do it for 30 days, but I'd like a chance to try.... A 2-inch cut Akaushi strip steak from the HeartBrand
              people in Yokum, TX. No potato, no salad. Steak. Period.