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Jun 2, 2013 07:50 AM

Russian black bread

I'm curing a salmon filet for a function next Saturday and would love to have it accompanied by sliced baguette-sized (or smaller) loaves or genuine black bread. The Rubischlager pumpernickel will do but cannot compete with real bakery fare. Anyone know where to get these between CC, Chestnut Hill and out here in Collegeville/Phoenixville/Lansdale area? I never get to NE Philly anymore so that is out.

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  1. Metropolitan bakery makes ficelle that would fit the baguette or smaller category. Ric's makes a black bread that looks good but I haven't tried it yet - they are at the headhouse farmers market and not sure where else. I used to love the black bread from a bakery off 5th street in olney whose name escapes me now...but that was 20 years ago at least.

    1. Try Kaplan's Bakery at 3rd & Poplar in Northern Liberties.

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          Is Kaplan's black bread really black? Sometimes I have had black bread that was better than pumpernickel but not as dark as I remember from when I was younger and the flavor is slightly different too.

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            There are two competing breads, pumpernickel, which is sort of dark chocolate brown, and Russian Black, which due to the addition of even more molasses and dark rye flour is damn near black. Last time through, Kaplan's had both.

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              Thanks DelucaCM! I love good black bread, I'd be thrilled to be able to get it at Kaplans!

      1. The bakery at Whole Foods in Wynnewood regularly carries a great Russian black bread. I believe they bring it in from a baker in Maryland. I don't know how many of the WF stores carry this, though.

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          I'll be in the area tomorrow. Thanks!