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Jun 2, 2013 06:15 AM

How is the Royal Green restaurant at Sterling Farms in Stamford?

My family is going there for brunch. How is it? Anything in particular I should try or avoid?

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  1. Don't get your hopes up...unless its quantity over quality you like.

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      I was hoping for some specific information. Even bad restaurants often have a least-bad item.

    2. OK, we went, here was my experience:

      The dining room is clean and has lost of sunlight. The waitstaff were friendly but not very competent. My club sandwich had soft bacon and lots of mayonnaise. I asked for mustard and got honey mustard instead. On the second try I got mustard.

      My girlfriend's steak was a little dry and tough, but edible.

      My grandmother asked for her French toast extra moist, which they promised they'd do, and didn't. They also forgot the (soggy) bacon that was supposed to come with it.

      My mom got poached eggs on crab cakes, both of which were which were actually okay.

      They must have at least done an okay job accommodating my sister's nut allergy, as nothing bad happened to her.

      So if you absolutely have to go there for brunch, get something involving crab cakes and/or eggs.