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Jun 2, 2013 05:48 AM


Proud father here. Taking the family down to the College of NJ today for an juried art show featuring work by my daughter.

Though we would have an early dinner in Princeton on our way back. Would love some suggestions for places to consider.

Many thanks and everyone have a great great day!

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  1. Blue Point Grill - best in Princeton by far.

    1. No food suggestions, just congratulations to the talented young lady. With such a loving father she has much to be proud of best to your family! Enjoy the beautiful day!

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        We ended up at Mistral.

        Weren't too hungry and it was early so we though Google's suggestion for Tapas would do the trick.

        Had the following:
        Sunchokes, Fennel, Gnocchi, Octopus, Hamachi, Pork Belly, Short Rib, Lamb, & Smoked Chicken
        Also the basil lemonade and a special strawberry rhubarb soda of the day

        All were tasty, very pretty presentations and fresh ingredients. These are small plates - 4 or 5 plates would be ok for 2 people but you would not be stuffed.

        Would go back but highly suggest that they get a liquor license or work a deal with a local wine vendor. The plates would be great with wine tasting pairings.

        1. re: Wfnugent

          I believe you can go to CoolVines on Witherspoon and if you tell them you are going to Mistral, they can help you pick something out. I believe that due to NJ laws they are not allowed to publicize this arrangement due to their lack of liquor license.

          1. re: Wfnugent

            Nice report.

            For your next visit or for others reading here, there are 3 wine shops within a couple blocks of the Witherspoon Street restaurant zone including:

            Cool Vines, 21 Spring Street (across from the public parking garage).

            Corkscrew, 49 Hulfish Street (Palmer Sq area).

            Community Liquors, 23 Witherspoon (think the store's name has changed but same address).

            Note for visitors - many Princeton and NJ restaurants are byob allowing you to bring wine or beer for your dinner. Some places without a liquor license are allowed to sell wines (but only those produced in NJ) in addition to being byob.

            NJ's liquor laws limit the number of licenses for each town depending on the population. As a result any new restaurant has to either buy a dormant license from an existing license holder or wait for the state to assign another license to the town after a census. When a new license is issued by the state, it's sold at auction by the town. Minimum required bid is typically $500,000 - $650,000 in this area!

        2. Teresa's in Palmer Square. Delicious Italian!
          Get the Conchnigle Balsamico! You will be in heaven!!!