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Jun 2, 2013 05:28 AM

Do any of the Emek Refaim Street restaurants serve shabbat meals?

Emek Refaim or nearby. I'd prefer to invite Israeli friends to join us at a restaurant for a Shabbat meal.

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  1. I don't believe so, but you can double-check by posting a question on Janglo
    If there's a specific restaurant you're interested in, I can check when I pass by there. (I live just a few minutes away.)

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    1. re: almond tree

      It's just that I want to get together with friends on Shabbat without making them walk in to the Inbal. Or inviting ourselves over to their place.

      1. re: AdinaA

        The Inbal is a short walk from Emek...

        1. re: AdinaA

          Yes, I thought that was your intention.
          You might be stuck with the Inbal.
          Are you looking at this coming Shabbat? Weather forecast is for cooler temperatures (high of 29 degrees) -- good walking conditions :).

          1. re: almond tree

            Yes. Kosher, pre-paid. I find the walk form any of the downtown hotels short and pleasant (except at midday in the summer), but health like youth is a blessings that not everyone enjoys.

            Not this Shabbat, planning for next months

            The Inbal does Shabbat meals very nicely; I appreciate the confirmation that it is the shortest walk.

      2. Not exactly on Emek - but the Colony off of Derech Beit Lechem is open on Shabbat (as well as the Culinary Workshop, but I don't think that they're open for lunch). Also the new train station that just opened (at the Derech Beit Lechem and Derech Hebron) has places open on Shabbat. Adom recently moved there from the city center. I haven't been to the new location, but loved the old location, especially for meat dishes.

        Off of Emek on Lloyd George street is the movie theater, the Lev Smadar - and they have a restaurant/cafe that's open on Shabbat. I'm not 100% positive, but if having kosher-style is important (it's basically a dairy restaurant) - then this fits the bill. They also have one of the best breakfasts in Jerusalem and this excellent pasta dish that is topped with a poached egg.

        A final option would be the cafe at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. The Colony and the Cinematheque cafe are owned by the same people - but personally I prefer the Cinematheque food. Of all these options, the Cinematheque can be the most busy - but they also take reservations.

        Personally, I would strongly avoid all of the hotels on Shabbat.

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        1. re: cresyd

          I'm pretty sure AdinaA is looking for pre-paid shabbat meals which are not cooked on shabbat at kosher restaurants; the way you described the places you mentioned makes it sound like they are actually cooking meals and expecting payment, etc. Maybe I am misreading you?

          1. re: queenscook

            Nope - you are right. I did misread the context of the post and didn't see that the post was within the Kosher category.

            Other than hotels - are there restaurants in Jerusalem that do pre-paid meals?

            1. re: cresyd

              Good question. I'd like to investigate.
              I called Polly's -- the (kosher) restaurant at Little House in Baka -- and the person who answered said they don't do a Friday night meal, but not sure about Shabbat day.

        2. Largely unrelated food question - is anyone familiar where the house of the Swedish Consul-General is (off of Emek Refaim)?