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Jun 1, 2013 11:40 PM

Itinerary help

Hey hounds!
I have a quick trip to LA and wanted some advice.
Is doing a walk-in on a Tuesday night for Son of a Gun possible?
also, anything amazing lunch wise in Anaheim or Hollywood?

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  1. S of a G has a communal table and if you are alone I don't think it will be a problem to find a seat.

    Hollywood has some of the best Thai restaurants in the US. I'm very fond of the boat noodles at Sapp Coffee Shop in Thai town (really east Hollywood) but there are other very good places like Pa Ord and Jitlada for their Southern Thai menu dishes.

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      Definitely put Jitlada on your itinerary. It is the finest Thai restaurant in Los Angeles and is in Hollywood.

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        Hmm...what jumped out at me after doing some more research was Ricky's Fish Tacos. But that appears to be weekends only? Is there a great Cal-Mex in Hollywood? There was supposed to be a massive LA Mexican thread but I couldn't find it.

    2. Tacos San Pedro in Anaheim

      carne asada flautas are really good here

      other favorites include:
      torta cubana
      carne asada anything
      menudo on sat/sun

      1. 26 Degrees at Roosevelt Hotel is great for lunch - fantastic tomato soup & grilled cheese, good burgers and very good kale salad

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          1 degree of separation between the old 25 and the new 26? (g)

        2. Hollywood lunch... Umami Burger just off Sunset Blvd (try the hatch burger)

          or Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, the president's LA favorite. The Obama Special 3 wings (waffle or potato salad or french fries).

          If you want to spend a little more for some great pizza, Pizzeria Mozza has nice counter seating.

          1. I stopped by the new Stella Barra Pizzeria near the Hollywood Arclight recently and was impressed. Very pretty inside (dark woods, industrial fixtures, open kitchen in the back), super spacious, great bar right in the middle, solid service and tons of quality baked goods made fresh on the premises every AM. Of course the pizzas are the reason to come-- foldable but with a chewier outer edge, which I like-- and that crazy-good burrata appetizer.