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Itinerary help

Hey hounds!
I have a quick trip to LA and wanted some advice.
Is doing a walk-in on a Tuesday night for Son of a Gun possible?
also, anything amazing lunch wise in Anaheim or Hollywood?

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  1. S of a G has a communal table and if you are alone I don't think it will be a problem to find a seat.

    Hollywood has some of the best Thai restaurants in the US. I'm very fond of the boat noodles at Sapp Coffee Shop http://sapp.menutoeat.com/ in Thai town (really east Hollywood) but there are other very good places like Pa Ord http://www.yelp.com/biz/pa-ord-noodle... and Jitlada http://jitladala.wordpress.com/ for their Southern Thai menu dishes.

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      Definitely put Jitlada on your itinerary. It is the finest Thai restaurant in Los Angeles and is in Hollywood.

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        Hmm...what jumped out at me after doing some more research was Ricky's Fish Tacos. But that appears to be weekends only? Is there a great Cal-Mex in Hollywood? There was supposed to be a massive LA Mexican thread but I couldn't find it.

    2. Tacos San Pedro in Anaheim

      carne asada flautas are really good here

      other favorites include:
      torta cubana
      carne asada anything
      menudo on sat/sun

      1. 26 Degrees at Roosevelt Hotel is great for lunch - fantastic tomato soup & grilled cheese, good burgers and very good kale salad

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          1 degree of separation between the old 25 and the new 26? (g) http://25degreesrestaurant.com/

        2. Hollywood lunch... Umami Burger just off Sunset Blvd (try the hatch burger)
          or Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, the president's LA favorite. The Obama Special 3 wings (waffle or potato salad or french fries).
          If you want to spend a little more for some great pizza, Pizzeria Mozza has nice counter seating.

          1. I stopped by the new Stella Barra Pizzeria near the Hollywood Arclight recently and was impressed. Very pretty inside (dark woods, industrial fixtures, open kitchen in the back), super spacious, great bar right in the middle, solid service and tons of quality baked goods made fresh on the premises every AM. Of course the pizzas are the reason to come-- foldable but with a chewier outer edge, which I like-- and that crazy-good burrata appetizer.


            1. Thanks everyone for the assistance, and here's a brief trip report.
              Monday: Anaheim In-N-Out. Well given that they are about to invade Texas, I thought I would see what all the fuss was about. My milkshake was sad, the fries weren't as crunchy as I like, and yeah, ok...the hamburger was one of the best I've ever had. Dinner was at the ballpark nothing remarkable.

              Tuesday it took an hour and half to get from Anaheim to LA, so lunch was kind of a last minute thing at The Oaks, good burger, decent coffee, ok Coolhaus ice cream sandwich (which don't compare to getting them off the truck), and great people watching.

              Tuesday night was the highlight at Son of a Gun. I thought Animal was great on my last trip, so expectations were high. I was a bit concerned it was going to be a Really Tiny Plates-but after 5 courses for me and a friend, we were pretty stuffed. the raw salmon dish mentioned habanero, but there wasn't much of an attack, but was really tasty, the peel and eat shrimp were a great value, and the roasted escolar was sublime. Thrown in the ham and hush puppies plate and a really light and cute take on a key lime pie, and we were out for $100.

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                Thanks for reporting back. Sounds like a true "whirlwind" trip for sure. Funny about your I & O experience. You have explained why, when my wife and I go to our local branch, that I end up getting two burgers and no fries...

                Did you end up at the communal table at SoaG?

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                  I was able to get a reservation, though it may as well have been a communal table-it's a tight space. But that's a minor complaint, and the service was excellent.

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                  Next time, order your fries Light Well. Regular are too limp (undercooked) and Well is too dried out (overcooked).

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                    I appreciate the tip-there will be a next time!