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Jun 1, 2013 10:46 PM

Skirt steak - cast iron inside, how hot is hot enough?

I am a steak lover and finally have decided to try the ever-so-raved-about skirt steak. I've read most of the details I think - very high heat, just a few minutes per side, slice thinly across the grain. I plan to cook it inside in a cast iron pan. It's a steak probably 3/4 -1 inch or so thick. For steaks, I usually use a 500F oven to heat a cast iron pan and then add more heat on the stove with the burner on max which creates a wonderful smoke storm. Is this the kind of hot I need? I assume I don't need to put it in the oven at all as it's meant to be cooked quickly so perhaps 2-3 minutes each side? TIA

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  1. that's about how I did marinated flanks (very lean quite like a skirt) the last time, oiled and superheated a cast-iron pan in the oven, they enjoyed a quick time in the pan and as I had to do it it in small stages the earlier ones went into a warming holding pattern (not my call but I mitigated it by taking a break as the heat replaced and reduced the cooking time for round 2 to get the level of rare I like. (I'd rather eat it bloody and cold, than hot grey shoe leather but we can't reach consensus around here so yes, if you want it more than medium... I will abuse your food.) I let it sit a few and sliced cross-grain with a slight diagonal motion.

    it was all about the sear. so you are on the right track.

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    1. As hot as you can get before destroying the seasoning on your pan. 500 sounds about right.

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        Great, sounds like I have a plan. The oven and on the burner method makes the pan nearly white hot or at least it feels that way. I usually throw steak on at this temperature without oil and the rendered fat quickly greases up the pan.