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Jun 1, 2013 09:41 PM

Need Rec for Meet-Up for friends to meet the baby.

We are ex-LA hounds coming back for a visit to have many friends meet our lil burrito. Originally, we were thinking of meeting at a park where taco trucks would be parked at. But, with our lil one's cranky attitude towards heat, we were thinking something indoors would be better....

Does anyone have any recs of a big restaurant where we could grab a long table and sit around for 2-3 hours as people come n' go?

Where people can order separately at the counter, has drinks and is ok with kids. Maybe a beer garden? We are pretty open to whereever in LA, but somewhere in the downtown/silverlake/eagle rock area would be a nice central location. But, we're up for anything!
Thanks for any recs or suggestions!

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  1. are you staying at a hotel?
    many hotel lobbies are friendly to such groups.

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    1. re: westsidegal

      We were planing to stay with friends. But if there is a suggestion for a great hotel, we would definitely consider staying there for the night.

      1. re: cookieyumyum

        almost any hotel lobby would work for a while.
        also, if you book a hotel room for a day you can have the party in your room.
        set up some drinks and a sandwich tray.
        if the baby needs a nap, you'll be set up for that too.
        you could even set up one of those swingy things.

        ask for early check in and late check out.

    2. Tender Greens in Pasadena. We did exactly that, sans baby, a little while back. There were about 10 of us, we met up early, maybe 6pm or so, and were able to put some tables together for our group. Some people came a little later. We hung out for a few hours, a couple of people had to leave earlier.
      Tender greens works like a cafeteria, you get in line to order, pay for your food, and take your tray. It's salads, sandwiches, hot food plates, soups, various sides. They have wine and good beers, tea, coffee, plus nice desserts. Food is great and healthy. It's very casual, and everyone there is friendly.

      1. Canelé, Magnolia or Dog Haus Biergarten.

        All three have communal tables and in the case of the latter two, a more cordoned off area in the back.

        1. Golden Road Brewery in Glendale has long communal tables, counter-ordering and, obviously, beer. No hard liquor but there are indoor and outdoor tables and a nice casual atmosphere.