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Jun 1, 2013 09:24 PM

Eating locally in Toronto

I will soon be visiting Toronto for a research project exploring the topic of eating locally. No surprise - I want to explore Toronto's best restaurants and markets that celebrate locally grown or produced food. I've never been to Toronto, and hope to cover a lot of ground in 2-3 days. So tell me: Where to eat? High to low end, sit down to marketplace, game for them all.

Thanks - Sarah

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    1. Check out this thread:
      and this link:

      There are dozens of restaurants in TO that try to source local ingredients whenever possible.

      The top continental restaurants in TO have a local ingredient focus (Splendido, Scaramouche, Canoe, Auberge du Pommier, Mistura, etc), as do many of the moderately-priced contemporary/continental/French/Italian/Spanish/pub food/small plates, etc (Black Hoof, Campagnolo, Enoteca Sociale, Beast, Frank, Nota Bene, Globe, Cava, Quince, Globe Earth, Simple Bistro, Bar Isabel, Pizzeria Libretto, Delux, Buca, Woodlot, L'Ouvrier, pretty much every better quality restaurant on Ossington or Dundas West, and so on).

      Two less expensive places that do use local ingredients would be the Black Camel (for sandwiches) and Sausage King in the SLM (which is a sausage shop that offers local sausages on a bun).

      Locally sourced ingredients became enough of a movement in Toronto and throughout Ontario 5-10 years ago, so it has become second nature for better quality restaurants to use local ingredients whenever possible, as soon as they're available in Ontario.

      Keep in mind that in early June in Toronto, asparagus, rhubarb, radishes, spring greens, a few early strawberries and local greenhouse vegetables are the main fresh local ingredients, other than grains, meat, poultry and lake fish, that are available to restaurants.

      Many of us seek out specific foods made with local ingredients when they're in season. I know I'm on the hunt for anything rhubarb right now, and I'm looking forward to strawberry season, corn season and peach season.

      Please do let us know which restaurants you decide to visit.If you're using any information from this thread in your project, be sure to give Chowhound credit. Some writers and/or infrequent posters have asked Chowhounds for their suggestions and insights on this Board, then go on to write an article that reaks of appropriation. :-)

      1. The season really isn't even on yet for local produce. You're about 2 months early which I'm a little surprised you missed--but not really, though.

        1. Check out the Brickworks farmer's market, lots of links to local producers on the website.