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Jun 1, 2013 08:34 PM

Great food near O'hare

Kids, Last minute request here-- I'm staying at the O'Hare Hilton. their food sounds disgusting and expensive. I won't have transportation-- any suggestions on great food of any kind that's not far from the Hilton?

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  1. Mostly it is chains around that O'Hare - primarily Steak Houses - I have eaten at the Capital Grille - a local place that is decent Mexican called Maria's on Foster

    1. What about taking the train into the city? We've done it many times. We usually take a taxi back to the hotel because of time constraints.

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        Absolutely! The O'Hare Hilton is right next to the terminals and the O'Hare station on the CTA Blue Line. It can take you to some good places on the northwest side, as well as all of downtown Chicago.

        For suggestions along the Blue Line, see this recent discussion:

        SW Floridian looking for some good eats near O'Hare -

      2. tasty pup or superdawg by taxi,tasty pups char cheddar grilled onion burger will stay in your head forever with merkts wisconsin cheddar

        1. Kids, I scored BIG on this count. After reviewing a list that the Hilton, we chose Carlucci's. I was hoping for good food. We were treated to some of the BEST Italian food I've ever had. The service was impeccable. 5 stars!