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Jun 1, 2013 08:02 PM

Jessie's Barbecue Souderton PA

We had a wonderful meal tonight from Jessie's Barbecue on County Line Rd in Souderton PA. They don't take orders ahead and sometimes run out of things if you don't get there early enough, but the quality of the food is worth the trouble. The ribs were so tender you could tell they were slowly smoked and the rub/sauce was fo flavorful but not super sweet or overly spicy and there wasnt too much of it. We also got a quart of the pulled pork to make sandwiches and it came without any sauce on it so you can sauce your own which I LOVE. They have a sweet sauce, a spicy one, and a mustard based one which was my fave. The pulled pork was so tender and juicy and seasoned though, it hardly needed sauce. Housemade sides were great too...baked beans, mac-n-cheese, collard greens and potato salad like mom's used to be. The cookies were fantastic also. Big fresh perfectly baked cookies...we had snickerdoodles, choc chip, and peanut butter ones. My only issue was the ordering process. If you are getting a big order, be ready for some hiccups because the staff seems to get easily overwhelmed if you arent ordering just a sandwich or two. We were getting food for a party of 6-8 and I would have appreciated some guidance on how big the sides would be if you just ordered a meal...we ended up placing a second order for 2 additional pints of sides because it wasnt clear upfront. But overall I would say this is a great place for real homestyle food!

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  1. John and I liked this place too when we tried it a coupla weeks ago. John went ga ga over the desserts. Next time I go I will follow the lead of those in the know and park on the street and stroll down to the restaurant. The parking lot can be a little intense. I really liked the birch beer on tap and now that it is hotter I bet it will go down even better.

    1. We LOVE this place too, but note - they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.

      1. Finally got my dad to go. He had the Brisket and I had the Brisket sandwich. Both of us got the slaw. He got potato salad and I got the Mac and cheese. oh and I got the chocolate cake, which is divine. Noticed the sides seamed a little bigger then the last time I was there. Dad was happy and said he would go again...oh and the draft root beer, very good.

        1. No time to write it up, but I've been 2 or 3 times, and enjoyed Jessie's. Not Smoke Daddy's (RIP), but definitely tasty BBQ. But ribs are falling off the bone (ie overdone) and chicken was a bit on the dry side. Friendly, quick service. Very nice building with smoker out back and indoor/outdoor (covered) seating. Parking lot is a bit tight when crowded.

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            A lot of people were parking up top on the street feeding in to the lot when I went. Gonna get me some Jesses today at brews and books event to benefit Indian Valley Library. I so miss Smoke Daddy's. Yeah some people like falling off the bone ribs. I just don't get it. The whole point to me is to have something to gnaw on.

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              Can't believe when the VIP session ran outta food they donated more. They ran outta food that they were selling. Yah, that's how good they were.

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                I thiink I ended up with your pulled pork sand and slaw. Whoops. Tragic error. Nom nom nom.

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                  ahhhh.....but but....I thought we are friends...

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              This thread prompted me to visit Jesse's again, and I ordered a couple of racks of ribs, with pints of beans and potato salad. The ribs were pretty lean (I prefer) and tasty, although not super smokey, but again more on the falling off the bone side of the doneness scale.

              I also asked for a pint each of beans and potato salad, which is where things got a bit strange. The young girl at the counter didn't seem to know what to do with a request for a pint of anything! Am I the first person to ever order sides by the pint??? First she tried to convince me to get the tiny individual serving bowls they have (about 4 bites of potato salad, for $1.50). Yeah, I'm ordering 2 racks of ribs for 1 person!

              After I didn't go for that, she had to root around to even find a pint container and then ask permission if I could buy anything by the pint. But she comes back saying I can have a pint of beans, but just not of potato salad! At this point I just wanted to get my ribs and go home, so I didn't actually find out if she wasn't fully trained, or they were almost out of potato salad, or just didn't want to sell it by the pint for some strange reason.

              The menu here is curiously organized around selling individual servings, which is kinda silly considering what they sell and how people usually eat it.

              Off subject rant, but I'm always saddened when visiting a great new restaurant and I see them doing things that make no sense from a business perspective. Unfortunately good business and good food are different skill sets that often don't come together. I knew from almost day one that Smoke Daddy's BBQ wouldn't survive (awful location). These guys seem to be stronger, and developing a good fan base, but some of the things they are doing don't make sense to me.

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                PhillyBYOB.. not to defend your experience, but if you read their website and menu, they have a separate one for "bulk" foods, which begins by saying, please give us 48 hours notice if you are going to have a big order. Now a pint of anything doesn't seem like a big order, but they clearly are set up to sell individual sides... Now the falling off the bone ribs is a whole other issue.. sorry to hear they were like that. If you havent, you should try blooming glen's bbq which is available only on saturdays, or Dancing Pig bbq in Dublin.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Yes, I was aware of that, but the 48 hr ahead rule is for parties of >20. I think we are all used to BBQ being largely "we run out when we run out", so there's nothing surprising about that aspect. Meat is expensive and cooking times are long, and you can't resell the leftovers the next day, making BBQ one of the trickier restaurant businesses.

                  My only advice to them is that careful management of the amount of product coming in with the amount of food going out is a good idea, but it can also be taken too far. Insisting on 4-bite servings for things that customers expect to be sold in larger amounts is going to scare away some potential customers. "Meals are fine" but this is BBQ and certain things are expected. Will the cost savings make up for any lost customers? Time will tell. They certainly seem to be off to a better start than Smoke Daddy's, which was quite popular, but still doomed to fail.

                  I used to work in the restaurant industry, which is just about the hardest business to be successful in that there is, so I find it amusing to think about these things while enjoying my ribs! ;-)

                  1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                    There was another thread on Jesses when they first opened that mentioned the small sides. I can't seem to find it right now. I'm fine with small sides right now because it is corn season but maybe I could get my friend John to mention this issue or direct the owners to this thread.
                    I have to admit that even Smoke Daddy did not have the scrumptious desserts that Jesse's offers. I feel sad everytime I drive past the Eagles club because I still miss Smoke Daddy so much. I used to avoid calling ahead on thursdays (his slow day) just so I could chat with Smoke Daddy, Dude was a poet/chef. He had wanted to open up a restaurant but was in a catch-22 in that he could never make enough money to get that rolling. He still had to drive a cab to make ends meat.
                    Souderton is very different than Lansdale. I once had to meet my friend John briefly on the fourth of July about a quarter mile from his house close to dusk. It was like a five minute meeting and then he walked home again. Dude kept me waiting because he had to shave before he left the house. His parents used to get complaints if there were a few dandelions on their lawn.
                    At Smoke Daddy's there was a special comradery on busy days as the faithful gathered to pay tribute and walk away with bags and bags of heavenly bounty.

                  2. re: cwdonald

                    I also tried to phone ahead for my takeout order for 6-8 people and was told just to come in. That's why the comments about serving size of the sides and lack of staff training in my original post. I hope they start to understand that when a party wants 3 racks of ribs and a quart of pulled pork that a 1/2 cup of potato salad doesn't cut it.

              2. Felt like eating out today and very nearly ended up at thai orchid or thai spice or even the R and S keystone but the weather was made to order perfect so I couldn't resist Jesse's little patio area. Hit there just before six and the dining room was empty but all four outdoor tables were taken. Lucky for me two tables were finishing up and by the time our food was ready we snagged a spot.
                It was mellow and quiet. Jesse was cleaning the smoker area and country tunes were on the radio. No burnt ends or garlic mashed but some very tasty fresh cut fries, generous portion to go with slaw cornbread and smoked wings. My friend got the smoked chicken leg and thigh with collard greens and corn bread and we both got the root beer on draft. I nabbed some apples from their own orchard as well.
                No surprises, consistent and very pleasant. I did notice that after we came in a couple and then a single man asked nicely to share a couple of the precious outdoor tables and the other diners agreed. It was after all a perfect evening and bbq. Felt a bit like NYC or Europe right in souderton.
                To top it all off we stopped at one of the honor system produce stands for some late season corn and squash. Cash only, no attendant just a locked box with a slot.

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                1. re: givemecarbs

                  Carbs, do you know if the burnt ends are a special or supposed to always be on the menu. I was in KC over labor day and found that some places would only serve burnt ends when they had had enough brisket served, so that burnt ends were actually a special, (this was the case at OK Joes, a place that recently appeared on a list as the best ribs in the nation... ). Other places, Gates, and LCs had it all the time, though the Gates rendition chopped it up so much I could not really find it to be like burnt ends, but LCs were the real deal.

                  1. re: givemecarbs

                    NYC/Europe in Souderton?? While you are noting your personal feeling; I would be interested to know what it was that made a BBQ in Souderton, PA feel to you like NYC or Europe. I just might have to get there for a low cost adventure.

                    1. re: Bacchus101

                      The table sharing he he! Plus the lovely outdoor dining and the patio full yet the indoor tables empty. The weather really was perfect. I was debating on where to eat that night and sitting on that porch seemed just irresistible. My desire was hardly unique it seems.
                      Bacchus, Souderton is always an adventure. Sometimes it really does seem like a different country. If I don't remember to dress a bit more conservatively I sometimes feel uncomfortable. There was this one time at the R and S Keystone, well, actually twice, never mind!
                      But there are pockets of joy. LIke the time we lingered a bit too long over our lunch at el cactus and the kitchen staff lugged the tv out in the dining room (we were the only ones there) to listen to spanish language soap operas while they ate their lunch. Was fun.

                      1. re: givemecarbs

                        Really, Souderton isn't that bad! You obviously haven't shopped in any of the Mennonite run stores where they posted signs on the doors (especially in the summertime) "Please dress respectfully". I'm not a Mennonite and I have no quarrel with them but with some of what one sees out in public, I agree!

                        1. re: dberg1313

                          dberg I never said Souderton was bad. It is delightful to have a different culture so nearby. I'm also really looking forward to Bike Night tomorrow night from five til eleven in Lansdale.
                          Just so hounds don't get the wrong idea one of the times I was at the R and S I was wearing a maxi skirt but the colors were really bright. I heard an old lady at one of the booths exclaim "oh my god". I did get a lot of stares that evening. Whoops!
                          I enjoyed the apple pie slice I got at Jesses so much that I have gone on a pie baking binge. The pie was just like ones I remembered from my childhood. Very juicy. I should probably go exercise now. :)