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Jun 1, 2013 07:03 PM

Hakka cuisine in Montreal?

Hi, I'm looking for a Chinese restaurant that serves Hakka cuisine, either traditional, or adapted Jamaican Hakka cuisine (I'm Jamaican Hakka), or other adapted Hakka cuisine. The Hakka were nomadic Chinese people who ended up all over the world, so finding traditional Chinese only fare is rare - I'm just curious to try any variations.

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  1. There isn't any dedicated Hakka restaurant in town like you can easily find in east-end Toronto, but this new South Indian dosa specialist does features a few Hakka dishes on the menu.

    I haven't tried it yet but have heard heard good things about the chili chicken, which they claim to be a Hakka dish. They're on Van Horne near Victoria in the Cote des Neiges district in the old Fireside location:

    1. I just noticed another Hakka thread here but it's quite old and may be outdated. You might be able to find some suggestions that help you:

      1. You also might want to try Fu Kam Wah by Cote Vertu metro on Decarie. According to this post they have Hakka dishes on the menu

        And then following this thread there appear to be a bunch of places in Montreal that have Hakka dishes on the menu

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          I'm guessing prospectraversa has tried Fu Kam Wah.

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            they do have at least one Hakka dish, which I love. Great restaurant - I used to work nearby, and ordered off menu quite a lot. I should talk to them about other Hakka dishes... they always laughed at me, when told that I was Hakka. :)