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Jun 1, 2013 05:06 PM

Turn Crab Salad into Crabcakes

I have a lot of leftover crab salad (crab, mayo, parsley, dijon). Can I add an egg or two and panko and have crabcakes?

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      1. It will work just fine, but make sure you have enough filler to make a firm cake. I would add some parmesan so as not to use as much panko.

        1. There is zero benefit to using panko as the bread in the mixture. It is intended as outer breading because it fries up very crisp and since it is pricey, if you have other bread, cooked rice, mashed potato, crackers, or crumbs on hand, use them to mix with the egg and leftover salad. That gives you an opportunity to add flavor depending on what starch you use.
          Save the panko to coat the patties.