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Jun 1, 2013 05:03 PM

Good But Not Expensive Restaurant in South San Francisco

We have friends who will be staying in So.SF for one night only. They are on a tight budget (not a starvation budget). So the restaurants we would normally pick in that general area are out of the question.

What recommendations do you have, no problem driving elsewhere .. pizza, Chinese or something similar. A major requirement is that it has good food and service. I'd take them to Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay, but that is over their limit. I have three days to find something nice.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Basque Cultural Center still there?

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    1. re: ola

      Yes, I sent them the menu to see if it is in their price range. I think that would be nice, but it is up to them.

      I've lived San Francisco almost all of my life and I have never eaten there, how is it?

      1. re: Canthespam

        The Basque Cultural Center is a solid spot that caters to families and groups (you didn't specify how big your party would be). It's a great value, in that soup and salad and sides are included with the meal. The daily special includes soup, salad, two entrees, and ice cream for dessert.

        It's good for hearty eaters that like traditional French meat dishes. Although they always have a fish of the day that's nice too.

        House wines, usually Spanish, are fine and inexpensive.

        It gets crowded at times, so make a reservation. Service is good, sometimes rushed, but always professional.

        If you want something a little different, a more casual place in San Bruno, is Cafe Grillades. They serve French crepes (buckwheat if you choose) and North African cous cous and kebabs, as well as a range of American sandwiches and other dishes. It's quite casual, in a mall next to a business park. No alcohol.

        They are also popular with people just coming in for the dessert crepes and gelato.

        1. re: pamf

          Thanks so much for your help. They stubbornly held out for Chinese and wanted to go to the Grand Palace on Grand Ave.

          Actually it was surprisingly good. Excellent service - but the restaurant was practically empty!

          Their looooong menu was the most difficult menu I have ever seen. Hard to read.

          Would I go there again ...maybe IF I was in the neighborhood.

    2. What about Bertolucci's right in SSF just north of SFO -- or Boulevard Cafe on J Daly Blvd -- haven't eaten here but it's supposed to be a good value -- then there's good ole Westlake Joe's further up the street...

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      1. re: Sarah

        Daly City is much more out of the way than say, San Bruno, where there are many choices on San Mateo ave alone.

        1. re: poser

          But then so is Half Moon Bay...

        2. re: Sarah

          We have eaten at Boulevard Cafe in Westlake. The service was good, the food was kinda 1950's as is the decor and the prices are very reasonable. For an inexpensive meal, it is a good place ... not THE Boulevard in SF of course!

          1. re: Canthespam

            A bit closer would be Jack's in San Bruno owned by the same family that runs Boulevard Cafe. More info here,

        3. How about Radio Africa Kitchen in Bayview? The food isn't really "pan-African," but more just reflects the chef's years as a server in many of San Francisco top fine dining spots with just a hint of his Ethiopian/East African heritage:

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          1. re: W42

            Thank you all for the great recommendations. I have forward the menus etc.. to our friends and will let them make the final decision ... they will love me for that :-)

          2. I like Xiao Long Bao Kitchen on Grand Avenue. I have always had excellent shanghai dumplings here - I would say better than all the places I've been to in the Sunset & Richmond.

            1. Izanami is a new Japanese restaurant on Grand Ave. We haven't tried it yet but the owners (Cindy & Tom) have had a few other Japanese restaurants in SF (one was Sawaii on Kearney and another Sawaii on Irving. The other... ah the name escapes me... but I think that it was on Clement(?) I do not remember). We hope to try Izanami soon.

              Izanami may be more than you want to spend, but I thought that I'd toss it out there for you.

              ~~~ (are we still posting addresses, in this manner?) ~~~
              257 Grand Ave
              South San Francisco, CA 94080

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              1. re: Shibi

                Thank yo so much. This is something that we will save for ourselves unless I can talk our friends into going.

                1. re: Shibi

                  A funny non food story here. IZANAMI was once the name of Larry Ellison's second biggest yacht (a mere 240' or so) until one day someone not acquainted with Japanese mythology noticed that spelled backwards it was "I'm a nazi."He had to change it to RONIN.