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Jun 1, 2013 03:41 PM

Rooftop bars

On the first day of our trip, we'll arrive at JFK around 11:30, drop our things at the hotel near WTC, have a nice meal at one of the restaurants nearby that Chowhounds helpfully suggested earlier, and head to the UN for a tour.

After that, we will want to unwind, probably in a place that feels really "special" and it would be lovely if it had a great view. I'm thinking of a rooftop bar with good tapas or a dinner menu, and staying to watch the sunset.

The Met rooftop, unfortunately, will close around 4:00 that day, so no sunset there for us. Rare View at Fashion 26 looks good, as do the Grill and Pool Bar at Hotel Americano.

Can anyone here comment on the food at either of those places, and whether well-behaved tweens fit in comfortably there?

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  1. I was at Gallow Green in Chelsea this past weekend. The drinks were decent, the food was OK, but I did see a few kids around, from babies to toddlers. This was about 3-5pm or so. They don't have a great view per se, but the atmosphere is nice.

    I also had a work event around 6pm at 230 5th last week. The weather was crummy, as were the food and drinks there. No kids. Loud, thumping music. The busboys were nice, though. Lots of work/conference sponsored type parties of people, it seemed. So not really tween-friendly at all.

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately, I didn't see this in time. It turned out that our hotel, right next to the new WTC site, has a rooftop restaurant about 20 floors up. It was nice, and convenience is good too.

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