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Jun 1, 2013 03:31 PM

Hash House A Go Go @ Mohegan Sun

I stayed overnight at Mohegan Sun casino this week, and ate at Hash House A Go Go. What drew me in was the name and the typeface used on the sign (it’s “ITC Anna,” for the graphic designers and/or typeface geeks out there).

The interior design was very cool, IMHO, it was Bauhaus industrial and graphic design meets 1930s’ Dust Bowl. The Bauhaus element was present in the interior design, which had an industrial feel, and the menu design; the Dust Bowl element was shown in photographs that era that adorn the walls.

They refer to their food as “Twisted Farm Food,” which is basically “A new spin on farm fresh comfort food.” They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

I got the ham, spinach, and cheddar Farm Scramble, essentially scrambled eggs, which came with griddled mashed or crispy potatoes and biscuit; I chose the crispy potatoes, which were basically hash browns. The biscuit came with butter and the homemade preserve of the day, when I ate there it was “mixed berry.” For a drink, I got the “Kiwi-Watermelon-Lemonade” that had a cookout size slice of watermelon as a garnish. My only negative was that the biscuit could have been moister, YMMV.

My girlfriend got the Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles, which came with a hot maple caramel reduction and was crowned with fried leeks. The really cool thing about the waffle, which looked like a mini-Belgium waffle, was that it was stuffed with bacon. For a drink, she had the “Bloody Mary” that came with two olives stuffed with Jalapeno peppers, lemon wedge, 
spicy pickled green bean
, and a petite dill pickle. The waitress warned her that it’s spicy, and from my girlfriend’s comment after taking a sip, it lived up to the warning.

I had a bite of the chicken and waffle, with and without syrup. The chicken was juicy, but I thought that on its own, the coating wasn’t very flavorful. But, as we talked about it, I came to the conclusion, “what’s the point?” If you’re pouring syrup over it, any seasoning is just going to be overpowered...

The drinks come in a 20-ounce glass that is slanted, which gives it a leaning appearance; along the side is the restaurant name and logo. You’re given the option of purchasing your drink glass, if you do so, the drink + glass come to $12.95.

Hash House A Go Go has a cool vibe, great food served up in generous portions, and friendly and quick service. It’s definitely on my “go back to” list.


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  1. I thought the San Diego Hash House was the only one. I'm glad you liked it!

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      I looked at their web site. The first one was in San Diego, there are several in Las Vegas, and some in other select states.

    2. Great post, thanks SLL.

      We're staying there on June 12th and might have to check it out. We'd planned on doing the revamped (well, a year or two ago, but we've only had it once since then) breakfast buffet, but you have us thinking twice.

      1. We visited a Vegas location back in March a couple of times for both breakfast and lunch. We thought the food was very good but the location we visited had some serious service issues.

        This is my review of our experiences: http://www.epinions.com/review/Hash_H...

        1. My wife and I just recently tried the new Hash House a Go Go in Orlando, and we probably wouldn't return.

          She got the chicken and waffles, and we both throught the chicken was too strongly seasoned with sage. Having bacon baked into the waffles was a nice touch, and I loved the crispy fried leeks on top (although she didn't care for them). But she is becoming a chicken and waffles aficionado, and despite the glorious plating, the dish was a letdown for her.

          I ordered the Kokomo, a meatloaf sandwich on buttered, grilled "Amish style milk bread" with smoked mozzarella and roasted tomatoes (a nice touch!). It was pretty good and huge enough for two meals, but no matter how gargantuan the portion, the meatloaf was a little dry. Perhaps over-ambitiously, I also requested a side order of macaroni and cheese, which was a nice, thick, creamy cheese sauce over penne pasta (although the sauce started breaking before it was done).

          I also tried the kiwi-watermelon lemonade, which was definitely a pretty drink with its tri-colored layers in the tall glass and its big watermelon wedge as a garnish, but something in it (probably the watermelon layer) tasted very cucumbery to me.

          But the service was really bad -- extremely slow for a relatively early lunch on a Friday, and distracted to the point of surliness when they finally came around to take our orders and check on us. That, combined with the fact that the restaurant is pretty far across town, made us decide to not go back.

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            Interesting what you said about the kiwi-watermelon lemonade. The 21st Amendment brewery in San Francisco makes a watermelon wheat ale, and in the fermentation process the sugars from the watermelon are turned into alcohol and CO2, leaving the beer with a distinct "cucumber" taste, though I usually don't find it too cucumbersome.

          2. Their benedicts look amazing, and wow, I don't remember the last time I saw fried mush on a menu. Gotta hit this place!