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Beer that Tastes like Beer ?

Banana bread flavor, delicate fruit enhanced, everything eliminated (zero carb, zero calorie, zero taste), watermelon flavored, iced tea infused, lemon extract hint, ginger ale mix, Radler, LIME, common !

No disrespect to those who like to drink this type of "beer" (seriously), or those trying to keep their jobs by brewing it for them (very seriously), but are we losing all real beer tasting beer ?

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  1. Just for amusement, what do you call a "real beer tasting beer"?

    A quick search just revealed to me that you started the Maple Sap Beer thread. So I guess that is "real tasting". :)

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      I started this with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I am seriously interested in finding flavorful beer flavored beer.

      Many of the traditional Canadian brews have gone the way of the DoDo Bird, or are becoming very difficult to find even in the Brewery Consortium beer stores. The trend of new releases is definitely in the direction I mentioned above.

      To answer your questions however, I would define "real beer tasting beer" as a flavorful brew made with the traditional ingredients of water, barley and hops. Emphasis on the word flavorful.

      BTW The Sap Beer search continues. I am fascinated by it's history and by the thought of making a beer using the late sap harvest.

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        Perhaps you could cite a few examples of what you call a real beer, and give a few examples of the traditional Canadian beers that have disappeared.

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            How about the old Uncle Ben's from, where was it, Yellowknife?

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              Canadian Ace I haven't seen for decades.

        1. There are a thousand beers to be had. There must be one or two you like.

          1. There is an explosion of great Brewing going on in the USA right now. Lots of small committed Craft Breweries are springing up everyday not to mention the surge in great imported beers.

            1. The vast majority of beers on the market have none of the characteristics you mention. So, I think "real beer tasting" beer is safe from extinction.

                1. There are _plenty_ of great "beer flavored" beers out there, even in an era of gimmickry (which, in all fairness, has a loyal following as well) .

                  In fact, there are probably more 'traditional' beer choices available now than at _any_ time in history...and something for every taste preference.

                  Although it has it's detractors, there is one very good, dependable, and very widely available one meeting your description which immediately comes to mind: Sam Adams Boston Lager. Full flavored, and I should think so ubiquitous these days that it would be available just about everywhere. A good starting point, from which one can go down or up (depending on personal taste).

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                  1. re: The Professor

                    Thanks for the suggestion Professor.

                    Just by chance, I was able to stop into the Genesee Brewery during a short visit to Rochester NY. Always was a fan on Genny Cream Ale and love the reaction from old-timers when asking for this beer.

                    North American Brewery (as it is now called) is offering a special IPA at the brewery restaurant with a IBU of 58. Very tasty stuff.

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                      > "North American Brewery (as it is now called)..."

                      "Genesee" is still the name of the brewery - well, more properly, it's back to being "Genesee" after being "High Falls" for a decade or so under different ownership.

                      "North American Breweries" is the parent company, which also owns a few other breweries - Magic Hat, Pyramid, etc - besides Genesee (along with the US rights to the Labatt brand).

                      Formed by a NY financial firm, KPS Capital Partners, it was recently purchased by Costa Rican company, Florida Ice & Farm.



                      1. re: JessKidden

                        Thanks for the clarification.

                        This 'plains things a bit about ownership too.

                        Locals there told me "something" changed May 31st this year. Maybe just the parent company. In any case, Cream Ale still rocks and the in house IPA is great !

                  2. I agree with everyone, the majority of craft beers are beer flavored. I know what you mean though, there is a local brewery in Chicago that I often find myself dismissing, because all they offer are pilsners, kolschs, ambers, etc. I assume they don't make good beer, because they don't make an imperial stout aged in oak barrels with local coffee and vanilla beans. I have come to appreciate that they don't make over-the-top or flavored beers, it's refreshing.

                    1. "beer that tastes like beer"...

                      I think the non-imperial pale ales come closest to this... sort of like an espresso comes close to a brewed coffee... similar but the espresso is distinctly richer....

                      1. It is a competitive marketplace and everyone is trying to get noticed by doing something new or different. But I think the answer to your question is a clear no, we are not losing beer-flavoured beer. We have gained a huge number of quality beers, in fact, versus even 5 years ago, let alone 10 or 20. Since you are obviously in Ontario, have you not tried Great Lakes Crazy Canuck, Muskoka Mad Tom IPA, Creemore Springs Kellerbier, Flying Monkeys Smashbomb, etc.? We used to have nothing like these here. What have we lost? Seriously, nothing but mainstream off-brands that are virtually identical in taste to other mainstream brands.