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Jun 1, 2013 01:55 PM

Lunch in Montclair

I'm meeting a friend in Montclair next week and am looking for a great lunch spot (neither of us know the town). I did some some searches on Chowhound but was overwhelmed by the large number of places mentioned.

So.....could you recommend a few spots for us to consider. We're both open to all cuisines but would like to avoid Thai as that's what we did last time (not in Montclair).

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  1. Ah Pizz for very authentic pizza. We go there often at lunch and enjoy it. They have a parking lot too, which is a rarity in Montclair. It's also BYOB.

    1. Cuban Pete's 428 Bloomfield Ave, is a good option, though if you want to be able to easily converse, get a table outdoors- noise can be a real issue inside. Ah Piz is good for pizza, and if you are up for curry, Brick Lane is good. Mosob is very good Ethiopian for those adventurous, and has good vegetarian options.

      1. In 'downtown' Montclair (on/near Bloomfield Avenue):

        Next Door for everything from salads to fish entrees to my favorite burger ANYWHERE...

        Samba (Brazilian) on Park Street

        Brick Lane Curry House on Valley Road for excellent Indian food

        I haven't been a big fan of Ah' Pizz the last few times I've been there, but maybe it's better at lunchtime

        If you're not wed to staying in Montclair proper:

        Stamna Greek Taverna on Broad Street in Bloomfield is literally a block out of Montclair--and has outdoor seating available

        Real-deal Szechuan at Chengdu 1 in Cedar Grove (1/2 mile out of Montclair)

        Note that all of these places are BYO, if that matters...

        1. Ah Pizz! has wonderful pizza and other Italian dishes also, and it's a nice roomy restaurant.

          Raymond's on Church Street is great, but depending on when you get there it can be a wait to get a table. If it's a nice day it's very pleasant to sit outside, and much (much!) quieter than inside the restaurant if it's crowded. (That said, if it's nice out, sometimes it's empty inside.)

          Le Salbuen is on Walnut Street and the food is wonderful, but the service can make you crazy. Very small place, right across from the Farmer's market.

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            I agree, Raymonds is a great choice.

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              Raymond's has terrific food but the poster should know it's got a high noise level (any time)

          2. If you like Indian, the Brick Lane lunch special is a great deal.

            I'll also throw out the Red Eye on Walnut St. for very casual

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              + 1 for Red Eye and for Le Salbuen!