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Jun 1, 2013 01:20 PM

creating a family cookbook

has anyone successfully created a family cook book? What software is the best for this project?

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  1. Use software if you must to organize things but there's something far,far better and more valuable: A spiral bound or loose-leaf notebook with handwritten contents is much more personal and more of a 'keepsake'.

    The one my dad began more than a half century ago is something I treasure (and frequently use)...with his handwritten notes as well as that of my mom, 2 grandmothers, and several aunts and uncles from the 'old country.

    Putting everything in a database is vastly overrated and it almost makes this very special endeavor seem 'ordinary'..

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      Love your idea. But what if the OP wants to make several copies?

    2. Many previous threads on this topic, but they're not easy to find since they're on different boards. Use Google advanced search with the words "best software for family cookbooks" and site "" and you'll see nearly a dozen thread on the subject.

      1. I have put my recipes into a MS Word document, then saved as a .pdf file. Then I have mailed the .pdf file to friends and family (and me!), and we use on our iPads. I try to format so they fit 1 recipe per page (sometimes 2 if they are short). I use the Table of Contents feature in Word, which translates to the .pdf file which allows you to quickly jump to the right page.

        1. I've made personalized cookbooks with, they look really nice and last well. I also like that I can access my recipes on their website. You can add pictures and notes (I used family pictures and memories) to personalize. I think they cost about $35 each, but they're sturdy. My mother has had hers for I think 8 years and it's the book we use most.

          I know people that like Blurb books as well.