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Jun 1, 2013 12:37 PM

Sunday Brunch in DC not costing an arm and a leg...

Can't find a place with wait service that is not overly expensive. Preferrably near Freedom Plaza. Any suggestions other than Lincoln's Waffle Shop?

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  1. How about Chef Geoff's? I think they do a brunch and it should be affordable.

    1. Busboys and Poets is a good spot, but not too close to Freedom Plaza. Worth considering.
      Pain Quotidien probably does brunch, there's a location on F Street over there.

        1. These replies are embarassing coming from such distinguished chowhownders. How about the W Hotel, the Willard or the Occidental, which all are open Sundays. At a lower price point Old Ebbitt, Del Frisco, even Aria are all probably open Sunday for bruch and are better than Chef Geoff, Le Pain Quotiden or Busboys and Poets which isn't even near there...

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            I would put the W Hotel, The Willard and Del Frisco in the overly expensive category.

            1. re: Elyssa

              True enough -- those suggestions aren't responsive. But it's also true that we'd be doing the OP a real disservice by pointing her/him to B&P, Chef Geoff's, LPQ, or Matchbox, all of which are generic or mediocre . . . at best.

          2. "Cheap food ain't good, good food ain't cheap", brunch at the 4 Seasons cannot be any better, anywhere!

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              How much does brunch run at the 4 Seasons these days?