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Best new ethnic restaurant in Boston area?

Hi all,

I'm looking for nominations for the best new(ish) ethnic restaurant in the Boston area. I'm driving to Boston on Sunday for a movie and want to try someplace new. It must be vegetarian friendly.

Thanks for any and all suggestions.


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  1. Not sure where your movie is, but the first place that springs to mind is Dosa n Curry in Somerville. It's a 100% vegan Indian restaurant.

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      Is that the former Dosa Temple? If so, I've been there.

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        Not technically new (just a name change and slight menu change), but it's very good

      2. My favorite new 'ethnic' spot in the area is Bronwyn, doubly so because of the total lack of decent German food anywhere around here. Most of their specialties are meat-focused, but you can still enjoy their huge pretzels, the house-milled bread bowl, the Kartoffelkäse, borscht, gruner salat, Rebekuchen, the kale Pierogi, the spaetzle, etc.

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          Thanks for this recommendation! Bronwyn is new to me but I'm glad to know about. Looking at the menu, it does have a few vegetarian main courses. Not sure German food is what I want on a 95-degree day, but I will go eventually and will inform students in my Geography of Food class about it. It's also a bit pricey. Main courses are $19 and up.

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            Yes, it's definitely on the high side. Quite tasty, though.

            Another place I just thought of is Cuppacoffee / KO Pies, two Australian pie shops that opened in Boston not long ago.

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              Been to KO Pies in East Boston. Loved it.

        2. Given your KO Pies love (which I share), am I correct in inferring that you intend "ethnic" to mean "country/culture-focused-cuisine" rather than "non-white-people eat it?"

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            Umm...sure...I guess.

            Perhaps I should have defined "ethnic," but I left my definitions at work. I guess I didn't think would be necessary.

            Still looking for suggestions, by the way.

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              My point being that all food is ethnic, which I think you recognized, but many do not.

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                Look everyone on chowhound knows what a poster means when they say "ethnic". I think Shaws uses the term for one of their aisles. We don't have to prove how PC 24/7

          2. I don't think it's a "new" restaurant, but as they used to say in the Used Car business, it's maybe "new to YOU" :) My favorite "ethnic" place in Boston right now is Myung Dong 1st Avenue, a Korean Soju bar in Allston. There is plenty of vegetarian-friendly fare on the menu and the drinks are awesome. They also open all of the front windows in this weather so it's quite pleasant.


            1. Que padre in East Boston has Bolivian food, as well as Mexican.


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                Tenoch is a year old and is located in Medford Center.

                Cafe Sushi has upgraded its offerings; I think that a restaurant is new when the chef is new.

                i think that we can all decide individually what is meant by ethnic without spending too much time wondering how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.