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Jun 1, 2013 11:20 AM

Need a Dinner Rec in Kew Gardens/Forest Hills

Hi, friends of mine are getting married at the Kew Gardens Court House in late June, need a recommendation for a nice to very nice place in the surrounding area (KG or Forest Hills) to take them to afterwards. If anyone knows Danny Brown on Metropolitan, I'm thinking of that style or something similar...any cuisine. Much thanks!

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  1. if you want danny brown then why not just go there? I personally didn't care for the place--forest hills and kew gardens isn't exactly a food mecca--you could cross over union turnpike the other way, and go to kew garden hills and hapisgah, it has a nice atmosphere, and their food is pretty good--israeli however, kosher, so closed fri night and sat, open late sat nite...

    Tu Casa in Kew gardens on metropolitan is nearby, is very casual but their rotisserie chicken is great and their sauce is better than Pio Pio's, and they are less expensive...

    You could also hit London Lennie';s over on Woodhaven, nice atmosphere, further west towards Rego Park area..

    There is also 2 new turkish places on metropolitan, one TACI in Forest HIlls, is related to owner of Taci Beyti in Brooklyn, and the other is Roka in kew gardens--both on metropolitan ave...

    there is also, Il Poeta on Metrop in forest hills near to trader joe's that some people like, i have never been, and am very picky about Italian, because I know how to cook it very well myself---alberto's northern italian, on Metropolitan is upscale and their food is good, better than Il Poeta--

    there is also Chalet alpina german which some people like, I don't tend to eat food like that, so can't give personal experience--but they do have a loyal following--there is also, manor oktoberfest not too far from there, also,