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Jun 1, 2013 10:24 AM

Root beer

I'm hosting a small get-together where I'll be serving root beer floats. I want these root beer floats to be exceptional. So my question is who makes the best root beer in Portland? And would it make for a fantastic root beer float? I'll even take recommendations on the ice cream. Thanks.

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  1. The best root beer I have had made by a brewer here is by Lompoc ( but last I had it was quite a while ago- I have no idea if they still brew it or if you can get it in growlers, though...and they don't even mention it on their website.

    I wished that more of the craft brewers would make root beer. I love the stuff. Stay away from the Crater Lake brand sodas, they are awful! Steelhead is made in Eugene, and it is pretty tasty, if you can find it. Other bottled root beers I like include Sioux City, and if you don't mind caffeine, I actually like Barq's.

    My favorite local ice cream is Cool Moon - and they do a great pint happy hour (though it is whatever is in their prepacked selection in their freezer, I have seen vanilla there often) - I think it is 4-6pm, possibly only M-F, but pints are $4!

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      I tried Lompoc's a few years ago. Steelhead is very good, and I'm told the spiced version would be great for a float, but it's only available from the brewery.

    2. I first tried Mt. Angel root beer some years back and found it outstanding: