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If you're planning to visit Lotus of Siam this summer.......

Just saw a couple of messages on their Facebook feed:

"Attention to all customers. We will not be accepting anymore reservations from May 29th - August 1st. We are very sorry for the inconvenience but we will be having a first come first serve bases.
Thank you very much,
Lotus of Siam"

"Note to all lotus customers. We will be closed on Monday July 8th- Sunday July 14 for renovations. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Lotus group"

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  1. Sounds like they are expecting to be very busy over the summer

    1. Thanks for the heads up
      Planning a trip in August and we never miss Lotus when we go LV

      1. I was there Tuesday night, 6/11, and found it surprisingly not crowded. I got there at 6:35, with no line at all, and open tables. When I left there were still open tables.

          1. Another Facebook announcement:

            "we will be closed tomorrow Sunday June 16,2013 for our summer hours and will continue to close on Sunday's until August 1st. Thank you very much,
            Lotus of siam"

            1. Seems a bit daft to me to turn away customers who wish to book a table. Personally, I'm not going to risk going to Lotus of Siam with the prospect of a long wait for a table. Chada are still accepting bookings, and the food is just as good as it is at Lotus, if not better.

              1. I'll be in town July 14-16 (Sunday-Tues). Does anybody know if it would be worth it to try to get a table without a reservation? Maybe for an early dinner? I've never had Lotus and ordinarily I'd wait a while for a table, but this trip will be busy and I doubt I'll be able to sit around long.

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                  They will be closed on July 14 for renovations. In my experience, even when they are taking reservations, you can usually get right in if you come early. There may be a line outside before it opens, but it moves quickly. I have no idea what difference the no reservation policy will make on "traffic flow, but my best guess is not that much. I've seen the reservation book many times, and I'm always surprised by how few reservations there are unless there's a big convention in town. But that doesn't mean you might not have to wait.

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                    Thanks. Hopefully their renovations will be done on time and they'll be open again on the 15th. If I finish work in time to get there when they open I'll give it a shot.

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                      Every time they've done renovations in the past, they've opened up on time. Saipin is usually raring to get back into the kitchen. Once, when I was in town, she opened before schedule. Just to be sure, I'd check the Facebook page and/or the website for latest info.

                2. Was there 6.29.13 just before 6pm without reservation (though people were walking by us claiming to have a reservation).
                  45 minute wait
                  Still, very good Thai food

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                    I showed up at 6:30 on Thursday, and was seated immediately without a reservation. Great as always.

                    1. re: skshrews

                      "Still, very good Thai food"
                      Just curious - what did you have, and if you happen to know which dishes are the restaurant's specialties?

                    2. Visiting Vegas for the first time, LOS was one of the spots on the must visit list. A bit concerned by the no RSVP policy, but we had no trouble. We arrived at about 12:45 for lunch today, a Monday, and while the restaurant was pretty full we were seated immediately and had a great meal. Won't get into any detail of the meal here, but it lived up to hype in my eyes. Wow!

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                        Thanks for the first-person report. I believe that LOS never took reservations for lunch (except for large groups). Occasionally I've seen lines (usually around 1:00 p.m. or so) but as most people are eating the buffet on lunch hour, the wait isn't long.

                        1. re: Dave Feldman

                          Gotcha. Speaking of the buffet, I was glad to have read up on these boards and ordered off the menu. I'm sure the buffet is just fine, but it looked primarily like the typical americanized fare. We were happy to explore something more authentic (and delicious).

                      2. It looks like some of the renovations are now unfolding - Lotus will be expanding one more time, taking over the space that was formerly Namaste to their immediate west. It has been quite a ride since they moved into what was a rather small space back in the beginning.

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                        1. re: QAW

                          And LOS owns some of the area to the east of the bar, too.

                          1. re: Dave Feldman

                            Perhaps one day "Commercial Center" becomes "Chutima Center". It would be most fitting...