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Minuet Cafe - 925 Danforth Avenue

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This place just opened 4 days ago. I went yesterday and again today. It is easy to miss and easy to walk past. I looked in and noticed that the owner has a master baker diploma on the wall from Germany. We chatted for a bit. he is an asian fellow (i'm going to guess Korean).

The ambiance is ok, not special. Anyway, the long and the short of it is that his cakes are the real deal. Rich, buttery, fluffy, not excessively sweet. Just right if you like central european fine patisserie.

The prices are shocking low: $3 plus tax for a slice of cake, $3.50 for a slice of cheesecake.

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  1. My husband got a pastry there and said it was delicious. A real European baker is definitely a win for the hood. I hope he promotes himself as such because you're right, that space is very easy to overlook, and as a "cafe" it doesn't look like much. Thanks for the info.

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      Bought some impeccable, classic cake slices today. But I'm a little worried about this one. Great quality product and very nice, eager man. He's made an effort with the decor too, in a certain way. Just not sure the product or vibe are current enough, and that block is tough.

    2. I just mapped the location but can't picture where it is, is it on the north or south side of the Danforth?
      Thanks for the post, always excited about something new in the neighbourhood

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        It is next to Peter Tabuns constituency office.

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          South side of the Danforth between Jones + Donlands (west of the 7-Eleven, east of Square Boy). Closed Sundays. Haven't had a chance to try it yet.

        2. Yes I noticed it today, looking forward to trying it!

          1. As a longtime lurker of Chowhound who recently decided to sign up, I have used this site to guide and direct me on my food escapades. More often than not I have been directed to excellent places and Minuet Cafe is no exception.

            I purchased a green tea cake from them earlier this week and picked it up today. It was very balanced, refreshingly but not overly sweet in comparison to various other dessert cafes/restaurants in the city, which I believe are on extreme opposites, either being too sweet or not sweet enough.

            I had decided to respond to this thread because like julesrules posted, this place is quite hidden and I was hoping with this reply to provide some positive exposure to this place. The man who works there is very personable and based on my interactions with him when I've visited, it's really apparent he cares about the quality of the cakes he creates. A huge plus is what jmk60 stated: damn cheap prices at $3 a cake slice and $3.50 for a cheesecake slice.

            (FYI - I am in no way affiliated with the cafe, rather I just appreciate great food and service and hope to see this place flourish)

            1. I've looked but haven't been able to find any contact info for this cafe. If anyone knows the hours or phone number, please share? I wouldn't want to head over there only to find it's closed.

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                I did not get their phone # (a good idea to have gotten it when I went to the cafe in retrospect when buying/picking up the cake). Not absolutely positive of their hours, but I believe they're open Monday to Saturday from 6am to I think 8pm or 9pm. Unfortunately I'm not sure if they're open on Sundays.

                It's a vague response on my part, but I hope that helps.

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                  I'll try to get it for you if I can in the next few days :)

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                    Had a quick chat with the owner/baker. They are open from 7 to 7 everyday except Sunday.

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                      The owner, Shane Han, gave me his card. The phone number
                      is 647-273-5159. Email: minuetcafe@gmail.com

                      The address is 925 Danforth.

                  2. I will definitely give the cafe a try this week and be sure to spread the word in the neighbourhood. As stated it's easily missed and a tough block. I love that there are some great new options going in around the neighbourhood.

                    1. I tried minuet the other day and it did not disappoint! I took out two containers of mousse, one chocolate and the other mocha. Both had a chocolate cake on the bottom with mousse on top. Not too sweet and oh so flavourful. Prices were great, I think it was just over $7 for the two.

                      1. I tried a slice of the mocha amore cake this week. It was light and flavourful, not overly sweet. A great place for adult treats.

                        1. Being so close to me, I made a point of trying Minuet Cafe out yesterday. Well,it has lived up to it's hype in so far as pastries. We did take-out and settled on cheesecake and vanilla-caramel cake. The cheesecake was not overly sweet and yet had great flavour. The cake was not consumed until today and yet it remained moist and very flavourful , again not overly sweet. I spoke with the owner as there was only one other soul in the place and I believe it must have been an acquaintance of his. I asked about ordering a cake from him and he said he could do it anytime as long as I gave him about 2 to 3 hours notice. If there was a specialty cake I wanted, he said to give him a day. All baked by him. Agree that he is in a tough stretch of The Danforth but hopefully a few people will venture across the street from The Only for a quality product. We will be going back often.

                          1. We just ordered the strawberry shortcake for a family party and were really happy with the cake ( and the price) - It wasn't too sweet, had a nice density to the cake, real whipping cream that stayed firm, drizzled chocolate, super fresh strawberries. I arrived early for pickup and it was ready. Bonus: owner Shane Han gave me a yogurt bread bun as a free treat.

                            Minuet is located on south side almost directly across from Maselli's. Phone # is 647-273-5159. The cake very nicely boxed with ribbons so would make a pretty gift if you were going to a party. I hope he get some more traffic as I'd like them to stay in business. No more nail salons or MoneyMarts please!

                            1. I, too, had a great experience with Minuet. I went in at 4pm Saturday (close to closing time and they're not open on Sunday). I asked for a cake and the owner sold it to me for $30 instead of $35. I ordered 3 slices and he gave me 6! He insisted I take home some bread. (This is mostly b/c he's about to close and isn't open Sunday.) He joked that he could make a cake of slices and I decided to "make a cake" out of two half cakes (chocolate and mocha) instead of buying the only full cake available (white). He lovingly reiced the cake, wrote a sweet 16 birthday message, shaved fresh chocolate on it and took special care to put curly ribbons on the box (attention to detail) etc. The cakes were light and fresh and very good (not stunning) and I'd definitely go again to support this lovely man.

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                                1. We just stopped by Minuet Cafe before dinner as well. The owner seems like a really down-to-earth and nice guy. He told me that he's a master baker, trained in Germany. He grew up there.

                                  As it was also close to closing time, he insisted on gifting us some bread to take back as well. The bread was great. It reminds me of the bread from Japan, slightly dense, buttery, and sweet. My partner tore into it when we got home after inhaling the aroma.

                                  The cakes are light and not excessively sweet.

                                  I'd absolutely go back to try other things he bakes.

                                  1. What a great find. We stopped in on our way home earlier this evening to buy a couple of pieces of cake to take home. He gave us 4 slices for $10 and threw in a mini bread loaf. The cake is amazing and i had to stop myself from eating more. This is a great bakery!

                                    1. I ordered some cakes there last week and Shane provided excellent customer service. The cakes taste very traditional (central european as mentioned above), light and not too sweet. If you're looking for rich, dense cakes, this is not for you. The favourite cake at the party was the mint chocolate cake and it was the only cake completely devoured.

                                      When I went to order he gave me a bunch of breads to take home and when I picked up the cake he gave me a dessert to take with me.

                                      He's really putting in a lot of effort and I hope he gets busier as it is a tough area to make it, so please check him out.

                                      1. My wife and I popped in, since we saw this thread, and live in the neighbourhood.

                                        She's German, and from a baking family, so it was right up her alley. We had a slice of cake to share, and a pretzel, both of which were good. Also, he threw in a complimentary tiramisu-esque desserts, which was also good.

                                        As noted above, it's definitely in a traditional mode, light and fluffy rather than dense, and not overly sweet. The value for money was good, especially in view of being right on Danforth itself. If I were more of a cake type, I'd probably go back regularly. We'll keep them in mind next time we need a cake.

                                        Also, as others have said, Shane was very warm, and clearly wants to have everyone leave happy.

                                        1. It was my first time going in to Minuet and I just felt that I had a great experience with the coffee and cookies. The food wasn't overbearing and I would like to go in again.
                                          I also asked Shane if there was a chance of a website for orders and such and he said that he just made a facebook page. Its really rough atm though (hopefully more pics later?)
                                          I don't know if this is advertisement or anything but it is another way to contact him.
                                          Anyways, I would recommend as the other food looked appealing.

                                          1. Dropped by today. What a perfect place to stop and enjoy something yummy. Start with a gracious welcome. Then onto the giant pretzel, which was a pretzel and not all at the same time. It was enormous and had a somewhat egg breadish texture and flavour. So, not a traditional pretzel, but it was fresh and good, and I will be eating more of them in the future. We tried a few other things, all very good. I requested this year's birthday cake come from Minuet Cafe. Thankfully, I don't have long to wait!!!

                                            1. Dropped by late yesterday afternoon and ordered two slices of cake to take out - strawberry shortcake and mocha amore. Absolutely agree that the mocha reminds me of cakes that i've had in Vienna - light cake with smooth, buttery icing infused with strong coffee flavour, rather than the ovewhelming sweetness that some cakes have. The strawberry shortcake was delightful as well, with a good amount of whipped cream and fresh berries.

                                              Except for the few cakes in the fridge and some packages of cookies on the counter, there was nothing in the display cases. Hopefully that meant he sold out for the day, but I'm concerned that Minuet is struggling to make ends meet. A pity. Please go eat Shane's cakes.

                                              1. Are there tables and chairs for eat in? Or just take-out only?

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                                                  There are a few tables, but it's not a very warm (feeling, not temp) space.

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                                                    Plenty of seating. I actually felt it was cute and with a somewhat European cafe feel.

                                                  2. I've asked the owner who has said that Minuet cafe will still be running. Here are the times,
                                                    Mon to Fri: 10-6, Sat: 7-7
                                                    It will be closed on Sundays.
                                                    647-980-2628 you can text him for info or orders.
                                                    Shane appreciates the reviews, and I'd really like to support this business.

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                                                        unfortunate, but not surprising.

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                                                          wow that was fast, really too bad.