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Jun 1, 2013 09:24 AM

Chinatown Parking Options (Non-Street Meter)

Tonight, we're going to eat dinner in Boston Chinatown with my parents, who usually refuse to go with us because they hate parking there. Where do you Chowhounders park? My parents always want to park in the Hei La Moon big parking garage so that if we eat at Hei La Moon we can get validated parking for $6. Tonight I want to try another restaurant. Any suggestions on other good parking garages that are reasonable and/or provide validated parking? Also not sure how much the Hei La Moon parking garage is without the validation. We are a little out of date and got kids in tow tonight as well. A big thank you for any tips.

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  1. I found this web site that list parking in that area don't know how current the rates are but they seem about right, usually sat-sun is a fixed rate at the garage at Hei La Moon $10 sounds about right, there are also ground level parking lot's near Chow Chau off of Essex. There is a parking garage on beach street near Washington street, but that is pretty tight on the inside.

    I usually park at Hei La Moon garage if I can't find on street parking.

    Have a good dinner.

    1. There is parking in the building Q hotpot is in (arch stone?). They validate.

      1. I know it's late, but Archstone is one place to park that's convenient. Another is the Beach St. parking garage. A lot of the restaurants in Chinatown validate there.

        Another option is the Lafayette Place parking garage next to the Hyatt on Ave. De Lafayette.