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Jun 1, 2013 08:27 AM

Best lobster on East End of Long Island?

My husband and I are planning a day trip out to the hamptons/Montauk area for sometime this summer. He's Canadian, didn't grow up eating seafood, and I've been on a quest to get him to like shellfish, particularly lobster. On our trip I really want to take him to a place that serves good whole lobster. What do people recommend as the best whole lobster on the east end of Long Island (South Shore)? We'll be driving out from Stony Brook so can really stop anywhere along the way.

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  1. Lobster Inn at the end of Sunrise Highway.
    Buoy One in Riverhead.

    1. The truth is that steamed lobster is one of the easiest things to make; a restaurant with mediocre crab cakes and grilled swordfish will probably do a fine job with a lobster.

      That said, a few favorites for the whole outdoor lobster experience are Tully's in Hampton Bays and Duryea's in Montauk. I would consider making Duryea's the destination for your trip.

      If you ever want to head west for a lobster, Jordan's in Island Park is another favorite.

      1. I'm going to strongly recommend the broiled lobster at The Palm in East Hampton.

        They're fantastic (and big, you might want to share a 3 or 4 lb) and SO much better than steamed (which I just find boring)

        plus it's a nice place to go, with good drinks and side dishes (creamed spinach, good potatoes) to go with the lobster.