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Jun 1, 2013 07:51 AM

Canary Islands - Restaurant Suggestions?

We are heading to Fuerteventura for a week in July to celebrate our Sweet Sixteen wedding anniversary. We're staying in Correlejo (on the northern part of the island) and hoping for some restaurant suggestions. We spent 5 days there last year and noticed that many of the restaurants were geared toward the UK and German tourists. In fact, I don't think we met a single American while we were there! We found a couple little tapas bars that we went back to a few times, but we were hoping to find some other places that specialize in local cuisine.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hello there, I see that nobody replied to your question at the time. We are currently in Fuerteventura staying in the Northern part as well. Did you end up finding any worthwhile places to eat?

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      Hi!! Hope you are enjoying Fuerteventura! We found a few nice places in Corralejo that we visited several times:

      --Domenoteca - a little wine bar near the water owned by a lovely italian woman named Domenica. If you go, be sure to tell her that her friend Gigi from the United States says Ciao!
      --An Caisteal - a pub owned by a very nice Scottish family. Great beer and scotch selections.
      --El Andaluz - great tapas and very nice paella
      --La Ballena - located right across from El Andaluz and owned (I believe) by the same people. Very limited menu, but good food and wine
      --Chill - another good tapas bar with very good mojitos. Just opened while we were there last July
      --Kactus Cafe - closed for renovations when we were there last July, but we visited in 2012 and it was great.

      Hope this helps. We are prone to sipping wine and snacking on tapas rather than sitting down for full meals. We're planning to go back this July, so let me know if you find anything good!